I ate too much… But I always do on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

It’s always a team effort with us for the holidays, with multiple people gathering and bringing various and sundry foods or appetizers, or desserts, or all three…

Smoked turkey breast, mashed taters and gravy.

More turkey, ham, two kinds of sweet tater casserole, green bean casserole, and cornbread stuffing.

And this wasn’t even counting the appetizers or the three pies for dessert, plus cookies!

And we’re going to be eating leftovers tomorrow… Groan…


Groan… — 15 Comments

  1. Seems like it’s only we Americans who pistol whip ourselves with food and alcohol voluntarily then bitch about it afterwards. It’s amazing how much people overeat simply because it’s a “holiday”….and then end up in ER complaining of abdominal pain. A guarantee to get you a Belly CT scan that will cost thousands. It’s one of the reasons I hate working on Thanksgiving or Christmas. There seems to be something about holidays that brings out the sap in too many people.

  2. yumm…lots and lots of good food….. just be sure to remember to set your scales back 10 pounds the night before.

  3. Possum’s cornbread:
    1 box Jiffy mix (heresy to some, I know)
    1 can creamed corn
    3 eggs
    1.5 cups shredded cheddar
    Mix all but 1/2 cup cheese, bake for 45 mins at 375. At 30 minutes, turn around and add remaining cheese to top.

    • At first, I thought that you were using a real possum. Glad you didn’t. Cornbread is good. Cornbread with a possum baked into it is just roadkill.

      • I always use artificial possum in my cooking, preferably “You won’t believe it’s possum!” brand.

  4. I live for Thanksgiving leftovers. All the secondary dishes that can be made such as turkey ala king or rice and turkey soup, etc. And then there are the turkey sammitch’s late in the night. This year, my kids didn’t want to cook a traditional dinner, so we had a thanksgiving charcuterie board. Several types of sandwich meat, cheeses, a variety of breads, soup, and pies. It was good, but it’s not the same.

    So, if y’all are having problems getting rid of the evidence, send it over here.

  5. Dan- I know… I didn’t eat THAT much!

    Dennis- LOL

    McC- Yep, heresy!!!

    LL- LOL

    Ray- It won’t last long, trust me!

  6. “Publix” did our dinner this year.
    Expensive? Maybe. But all Mom had to do was turn the dial on the oven. And it was GOOOOOOOD.

  7. We were invited to a home of some acquaintances.
    We knew them and were friendly, but not really friends.
    We are now.
    Else we would have been on our own as is often our lot having all boys.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    Man if I wasn’t in a food coma, I would say that all that stuff looks good.

  9. I ain’t eating stuffing under any circumstances. I’m a Southerner; I eat cornbread dressing, preferably covered in giblet gravy.