From reality!!!

Da prez… dancing in the blood of the victims again, before the blood is dry and they know anything about what actually happened. It’s also funny to me how the routine weekly/daily shootings in Chiraq, Bal’more, Philly, DC, et al never draw a peep…

President Joe Biden called on Thursday for a ban on semi-automatic firearms, saying the ability to purchase these guns is “just sick.”

The president made the remarks at a press event in Nantucket, Massachusetts, after mass shootings took place at a Colorado nightclub on Saturday, and at a Virginia Walmart on Tuesday.

Full article, HERE.

Of course after his comments about 9mm blowing your lungs out, I guess this could be expected…

But I’m not sure he realizes this would also ban ALL semi-auto pistols too… Or does he???

I’m gonna go watch football and not worry about it.


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  1. Big words from someone who is protected 24×7 by people with fully automatic firearms, ground to air missiles and when away from the White House, by airborne fighters.

  2. Pedo Joe is doing well if he recognizes what day of the week it is.
    He’s a meat sock puppet. He doesn’t make official statement. He reads what someone else wrote from a teleprompter. If he does say something without benefit of guidance he invariably screws it up, sounds irrational or occasionally lets slip his handlers true agenda.
    I’m surprised he hasn’t been permanently replaced with a body double by now.

    • The body double apparently also has age related neurological issues.

  3. I wish they would. Go for broke, ban all semis. I’ll make popcorn.

    I just wanted to be left alone..

  4. The Elites want all our weapons and they always have. They will never stop until they get them. They are breaking the Constitution now with stolen elections, and how they have used the Federal Government to do things to citizens that they do not do to non-citizens. This will lead to domestic attacks or CW2 and the dissolving of our country.

  5. New York City, and it’s Broughs, and Suburban arenas, are going to hell in a Handbasket as fast as you can pull that leaver in the Voting Booths. For example, due to their INSANE MORONIC leftist policies of the Democrats the police forces in America’s Democratic Cities are losing their Police Officers due to their “No Bail” and release policy as the Criminals are not being held for bail and, or being Prosecuted. You can thank Andrew Cuomo, and Alvin Bragg Manhattan’s District Attorney, along with New York’s Governor of New York State. Governor Kathy “ Crime is only a Perception” Hochul, who’s only thing she seems to be Proud of is that she’s New York’s First Female Governor. Kind of reminds me of Joe Biden’s Pick for his Vice President. I don’t know of any other reason why she was elected!
    And “Out of Touch” Kathy Hochul wants to know Why Crime Issues Are So Important. As People Are Getting Thrown on to the Subway Tracks almost on a daily basis.
    Please forgive me, but I’m trying not to laugh as I type this

    • A American Man living as a Free American.
      Spot On my Friend.
      As Have I for …some 40yrs.
      Childhood doesn’t count, though I pushed those boundries😂😂

  6. Les Carpenter said…

    Let’s see. Looking forward with deep thanks in advance for the new Democratic senate that will stand in fierce opposition to the tRumpublican’s ignorant, foolish, dishonest, divisive, racist, misogynistic, authoritarian, elitist, and ego driven destructive agenda.

    PS: IMHO you may be calling VP Harris President sooner than you might think. 🙂

    I see that that Old Anti-Semite_ Retarded, INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED. Les Carpenter is still around and writing his venom from Shaw’s Shit Hole as his own was so bad that he had to dis-ban it.

    • 40 some million transgender, antifa, liberals/socialists, losers and hypocrites, apology if I forgot someone. /s

  7. If the midterms were a predictor of what’s to come, I’d argue we seriously fell short of the mark. Fellow patriots, we took it for granted how much we were being heard and that red wave fizzled out. While we had some big wins, and the backlash against much of the lunacy in our country is promising, we have a lot more work to do to truly be heard. There are still too many people who believe the propaganda and deflecting from the Left about excuses for this terrible economy. The Biden Administration dances around the subject and went so far as to tell us to vote for the Left based on what they might do, and ignore what is unfolding before our very eyes! Ignore the rising costs of gas, utilities, housing, food, energy etc… Believe that you’re privileged and entitled for daring to want better for yourself and your family in one of the richest nations on Earth. All while the elites in the swamp haven’t once had to make any sacrifices themselves, and those on welfare or aren’t even a citizen of this country get handout after handout.

    Yes, many conservatives did step up and vote against Biden and his cronies including myself and my family. The Left I’m sure cheated many of their candidates in office despite our voter turnout. However, we need to speak up when we see the cheating. See something, say something. Spread the world on how they do it. Question all the “recounts” and “broken ballot counting machines”. Call out when you’re ordered to deliver thousands of prefilled ballots to the polls. Ask grandma if she actually filled out her ballot herself when the Left canvasses her nursing home. Let others know about it when you’re told you already voted in your district when you have the ballot right in your hand. We have had great wins and amassed amazing pushback, however I fear it may have distorted our perception of how successful we truly were in changing the country, and the midterm results were like that test we didn’t study enough and were ill prepared to take.

    The good news is, this wasn’t our last chance: Trump is running for 2024, if he gets the nomination, and if he don’t, well then most likely Ron DeSantis will, and that’s also good news. We had two years to see what a wreck Biden made of the country, and two more to follow. If the hardships under Biden now aren’t enough to persuade people, how far will it have to be until it does? When breadlines come back? When we cant even afford to drive ourselves to work? When we’re told to make do without power or heating? Now do you want 4 more years of the same or worse? We saw what Trump accomplished, we see what Biden fails to. If we simply do what we are now, Trump, or Ron DeSantis will likely be cheated out a second time. I don’t know about you, but I (literally) can’t afford to stay silent this time around!
    I think this is our last chance, at least in our life times.

    • Too many were counting there chickens…
      As I kept posting all over the place.

      I hate when I am right, because…
      I tend to be a pessimist.

      To many years working in Bars and Concert Arenas.
      I saw what disgusting levels The Human will stoop too for Pleasure and or Recognition.

      I have also seen many of The Holy Rollers that are as bad as any Woke Idiot or Card Carrying Klan Clown.

      I shant leave out LE either…
      Raised in the LE Family, with some yoots serving…
      I sat at the top of the steps and heard too much and listening to the yoots..
      Ain’t nothing changed. If anything it has gotten worse.

      I ain’t a fan of many of my Fellow Humans.
      Trust ….I have very very little. VERY LITTLE.

  8. Not a good idea. Now, the right way to deal with a gas leak is to pull the main fuses at the box OUTSIDE, and open the doors and windows and let things clear, and have the gas company come and use a ‘sniffer’ to find the problem.

    But here they go, trying to use a candle to find a gas leak…

    NOTE: I advocate for NOT causing an explosion. But I have no power over Imbeciles, or Morons, or Idiots. So… Got Earplugs?

  9. Control and mastery over every person they do not kill with the jab is what it is all about. Dictator Joe wants all power.

  10. Orvan- There you go making sense again… Stop that! 😉

    John- Sadly, I have to agree!

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    I try to ignore that senile old fool, he is nothing but a meat puppet for his handlers. he is going to try to push gun control while the donks have the full congress before the GOP takes over the house. Although I don’t have much faith on the GOP to cave or get bought by pork for the next 2 years.