The state of the writer…

Is reflective…

I started writing in 2014, have published 12 novels and a few short stories and novellas and been in a few anthologies.

I’m not hugely successful, I don’t write fast, and I try to get the ‘details’ right. Oh, and more than once I’ve been told I’m a storyteller, not a writer. I’m not getting rich off the books, no ‘deals’ in progress, no awards prestigious or otherwise, or anything else, but I do make a few bucks each month.

So be it. I got curious and looked at how many reviews I had sitting on Amazon, and it’s a little over 3000. I know that’s chump change compared to a ‘real’ author, but I’ll take them all with thanks! My average across all the books, etc. is 4.6 out of 5 stars, so there must be a ‘few’ folks out there that like what I write and the stories I try to tell.

What I am thankful for are the folks that support me, our Saturday supper crowd, the folks that comment on the snippets I post, and the ‘usual suspects’ that alpha/beta read, giving me HONEST feedback, my editor, and my cover artist.

And I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the experts I’ve been able to find in various areas that help me get those details right… Even if they never let me forget some of my ‘better’ screw ups… Sigh…

1/4 of the way through the next Rimworld, working on it, a short story, and pulling together an anthology of twisted tropes just for fun. I like anthologies because it gives me a chance to get other authors out there/in front of readers that might like their work, or at least give it a chance.

So I’m staying busy. Actually, I’m behind by about three months, but that’s on me because I took on some things that I knew were going to be time consuming, but needed to be done for various reasons.

I’m hoping to have the next Rimworld out early next year, and it will be followed by another Bell Chronicles. The reason I do that is that when I finished The Grey Man series, I lost quite a few readers that don’t read science fiction, so I started the western series to try to get some of them back and why I’m alternating book series.

And of course I owe a big THANK YOU to the readers out there who spend their precious $$ on my brain dribbles and post actual honest reviews! Without y’all, I’d be one of those ‘aspiring’ writers that are dying of ‘exposure’ but not getting any Benjamins… Which is really what counts.


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  1. “She’s dead, Jim.” *giggles*

    I love what you write. My dad loves what you write, and he’s paid you one of the biggest compliments I’ve heard him give a writer…that you /do/ get it right. He says that your descriptions of ranch life, especially the big bbqs, is dead on.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    You are a bit of a “Storyteller” and that is a good thing, you go the distance to make your story believable even the Science fiction ones, there is enough realism to make them believable so take it as a compliment. And Yes we will continue to buy your brain squeezings.

  3. An “author” is a writer with a friend in the publishing business.

    Having said that, your voice is unique, it’s interesting and it’s important. Keep at it.

  4. I’ve read some of your output and have enjoyed what I’ve read.

  5. A “real writer” in my opinion is one whose works I have read three or more of. You have passed that mark quite a while ago.

  6. Shaw Kenawe said…
    “I believe that O. Khalil is an escapee from the abandoned blog “Who’s Your Daddy.” Lisa’s trolls have nowhere to go to spread their lies and rumors. Every day several of them come to my blog’s “comment moderation” hoping they’ll be published.
    The other conservative blogs that we’re familiar with won’t publish their drivel, and they’re very frustrated trolls because of that.”

    What a STUPID comment to make, and PS it’s UNTRUE!

  7. I’ve read your blog for years now. It’s been a daily stop since the beginning. I’ve liked the books I’ve read. Thanks for putting some good stuff out there for us. I sure do appreciate it.

  8. I read somewhere that “aspiring novelist” is another way of saying “someone who hasn’t written a novel”. I think it was in the context of someone who put that in their CV along with their actual experience and qualifications.

    Thanks for the books. Hours of good reading. I find the Grey Man to be the best you’ve written but the Rimworld are entertaining. Harder for me to follow what is happening and when but that could be because the GM books were all out when I started and I was able to just crash through them in order.

  9. I admit, I’m a fan of the blog and your books. You have a unique point of view and a talent for creating interesting characters. One of the few blogs I read every day. Keep writing stories, I’ll keep throwing money at them.

  10. Pediem- Sniff…

    All- Thank you, Y’ALL are the reason I keep plugging along! Speaking of which… back to writing…

  11. ONFO: I like your storytelling. Because of you, my wallet is rather thinner and my local library has received a stack of donated once-read books.
    Keep it up! Go Navy!

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really love your scifi. There’s something about it that I just really enjoy – a lot.
    I’ve actually started in on reading your westerns, even though I’ve never been a big fan of westerns and I’m starting to enjoy them as well.

  13. Thanks for all the stories and other stuff you write. Keeps me entertained and busy reading.
    Happy Christmass to you and your family and all out there that come across this web site.

  14. Years ago a brother in law recommended that I read these things called “blogs” on the internet, He recommended peters blog and I guess that I found you through him. I like your writing but you did something a few years ago that I appreciated and will also keep me a loyal follower. We are Facebook friends and I don’t know if you even associate my name with “Tsgt Joe” but you were one of the first to offer me condolences on the passing of my mother.