I need stories…

I put this out a while ago and so far I only have 9 stories…

Looking for some folks that like to play with/against tropes…

I’m going to see if we can get enough interest for a twisted anthology playing with tropes. Take a trope, twist it, play with it, play it straight, however you want to do it.

5000-8000 words, entertaining, and having to do with a trope from… whatever genre you choose!

Writers Write has a great list of various tropes by genre HERE if you don’t already have one in mind.

Send your story in  doc or .docx format, sent to oldnfo at gmail dot com.

Projected title, ‘Just Troping Around’. Here’s the background for the cover and titles-

The stork is the back, the buffalo is the front…

I have a few more folks that have ‘promised’ stories, but nothing seen yet… tap, tap, tap…


I need stories… — 10 Comments

  1. I and others have been posting this around. Hopefully it shakes a few things loose.

  2. The writers of Stargate used at least a quarter of the 101 sci-fi tropes that the tropes article linked to.

  3. Deadline, in case there’s something that’s been languishing on a hard drive…?

  4. Useless fact: the stork isn’t riding a unicycle. That seat-less contraption is called an ultimate wheel.

  5. Do you have any rules on formatting for these stories? Is it going to be standard manuscript format?

  6. I was going to submit, but I can either be entertaining, or make it the length you want.

    One has to know their limitations.