This… snicker… talk about tongue in cheek…

8 crayon flavors Marines would actually enjoy eating

There are a few simple truths in life: The Earth is round. The Sun is hot. Humans need oxygen to breathe. And Marines love to eat crayons.

No one is quite sure where or how that last fact came to be, but as far back as contemporary lore goes, nary a devil dog can say they haven’t heard at least one joke about their beloved Corps being full of colorful wax-snack eaters.

Full article, with ‘selections’ HERE at Marine Times.

And before you laugh too hard, there really ARE edible crayons out there… Crayons Ready to Eat is one such company, link HERE. And you CAN color with them, or eat them, your choice…LOL

Bonus is that CRE is a Veteran Owned Business, so you would be supporting veterans if you order them!

NOTE: I have not ordered any…yet…


ROTFLMAO!!! — 12 Comments

  1. I suspect one or more blanket fort denizens is already ordering a few sets of these so that an on-camera tasting can be held.

    Great find on this, this made my morning. 🙂

  2. Thought that was a joke until I read the product specs. Surprised there’s no dark green, chicken flavored one for SO folks – maybe not yet. Did find a gummy snake for one guy, who looked like someone finally pranked him right.

  3. “NOTE: I have not ordered any…yet…”

    My Dad told me that at the recruiting office when he enlisted, they had pens, pencils, and crayons on the desk. Those that used pens and pencils to fill out forms went to Great Lakes to Navy Basic. Those that used or ate the crayons went to Paris Island.

    But then, he called the Marines who served aboard The Wisconsin “glorified bell hops” because they guarded officer country.

  4. Fruit Loops came out with a “Crayola” limited edition cereal. It was on sale at Walmart one day when I was walking through. I bought a box for my Marine buddy and laughed for days.

  5. It isn’t the eating that’s so attractive, but the ability to control the color of the outcome.

  6. I’ve heard that most crayons are made in food safe facilities and with food grade ingredients because kids eat them often.

  7. All- Thanks, and yes, they are real…LOL As far as colors coming out the other end, NO idea… and don’t really want to know!

  8. Crayons are preferable to several MRE options, in my experience..

    Semper Fi. I like the red ones.

  9. Old Jarhead here. Old enough to have not heard about Marines eating crayons. That’s NOT to say it ‘s not credible; God knows it is, just haven’t heard of it.
    Sorta like not being informed when “pogue” changed to “POG”

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