“Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting.” Regardless of who said it first, California is ‘fighting’ to take water from other states on a regular basis… But…

Ramirez nails it as usual… Estimates vary between 3.1 million gallons to over 5 million gallons of rainwater is lost PER DAY due to the lack of reservoirs/catch basins in California!

It’s illegal to serve drinking water in a California restaurant unless the customer asks for it. Billboards sponsored by the state urge residents to put a bucket in their shower to capture water for their gardens. These symbolic pittances, along with escalating restrictions on water use by farmers and households that are anything but trivial, are the products of a deeply flawed mentality governing water policy in California. 

Full article, HERE from American Greatness.

I was stationed at NAS Moffett Field in 73 and again 76-77. Both of those times were during the ‘ongoing’ drought out there. You weren’t allowed to wash your car, water your lawn, and I remember ads on TV about toilet use- If it’s brown, flush it down, if it’s yellow, let it mellow.


I can remember even then the econazis, California Coastal Commission, and Sierra Club were fighting what Pat Brown had started, and Ronald Reagan was trying to do to mitigate the drought back then. It has only gotten worse, not better.

And not a damned thing has been done! Moonbeam got in after Reagan and promptly rolled over for the enviro whackos and stopped all progress on new dams, catch basins, and reservoirs.

Now they are paying the price, and soon all of us will be too, when the crops aren’t grown, and everything gets imported (if it’s available), or we go without. The central valley used to be a breadbasket for the US, and now, today, it’s a land of blowing dirt and illegals growing weed…




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  2. When I’m waiting for shower to get hot water up to speed, I hold a coffee can under the shower head and pour it into a container for the cats to drink. Waste not – want not. Some trouble, but if I am paying for it, may as well get the most out of it.

    California appears wanting to commit suicide. A lot of bad long term thinking is going on. Climate is wonderful, but man do they need to elect some better leaders.

  3. jrg: Suicide. Yep. That’s about my conclusion too. The nutters are in charge and they’re determined to take everyone down (while thinking they’re immune to the same end.)

    John Van Stry was 100% right on this: If you’re in California, GET OUT.

    Further to that, I offer this song from Chris Rae, called “Texas”:

    Yeah, it’s old, it’s in 240p, but listen to the lyrics and watch the video. It’s absolutely wonderful.

  4. Yep. And they needed to invest in desalination about 4 decades ago.

  5. The “Dust Bowl” sent many to California for a new future. This time, most are too ignorant to know how to escape, and will probably die of thirst, while listening to their politicians tell them it’s the best way to stop climate change.

  6. I’m old enough to remember when it was illegal to capture your waste water for garden use because it reduced the flow through the sewers, causing them to clog up. Little known fact, sewer pipes are designed for a certain amount of flow to keep the sludge moving.

    Fellow in town nearby a few years ago built a catch basin in his back yard. Several thousand gallons, buried a big plastic tank on the mountainside at the back of his property. Figured he’d take advantage of the copious rainfall when there was copious rainfall to water his garden when there wasn’t. Busted, had to pay fines and pay to take it out.

  7. Whole bit reminds me of a movie from years ago…anybody remember “Chinatown”?

  8. And my favorite unintended consequence that even we here in TX experienced during the drought back in 2010. Everyone embraced the restrictions and conservation efforts so well that the water department thanked us by raising the water rates due to lost revenue from the citizen’s conservation efforts. Did the rates come down when the drought broke? Don’t seem to recall that they did.

  9. They’re not doing any of this by accident.
    It’s all by design.
    And the people in California are stupid enough that they fall for it.

    The dam at Oroville was literally minutes away from total failure when Brown FINALLY relented and let them use the spillway. At least I think he relented? They slapped secret over all of it so quickly that no one will ever know who really opened the spillway and saved everything. It would have wiped Sacramento off the map, along with every city upriver. The government was PISSED with the sheriff ordered everyone evacuated, because he could see the damn was about to go.
    And that was not an accident at all. Brown wanted the dam gone I guess. He sure acted like it.

    • I was following that closely at the time. Looked like every disaster documentary I’ve ever seen until that last minute reprieve. And now they talk about it like it was no big deal.

  10. Wayne: Same thing here with electricity. When you’re penalized for heeding the conservation plea they put out, future pleas of any type from that organization should be outright ignored.

    Ash said it best in Army of Darkness: “It’s a trap, get an axe.”

  11. Wirecutter has had interesting posts about California and water. Apparently in the fifties California state engineers developed a dam and reservoir system that would provide water at least to this day. The government threw it away.

    • Close, but wrong.
      Pat Brown’s engineers planned for 50M >shudder< residents.

      His son, Gov. Moonbeam, threw it in the trash, figuring that if he didn't build it, they wouldn't come.

      Now there 45M people here, including millions of uncounted illegal aliens, but there hasn't been a dam, reservoir, aqueduct, freeway, or power plant built here since Moonbeam's first term in '75, and all offshore oil and gas drilling is banned.

      And exactly as NFO has outlined, you'll be paying for that at the supermarket for decades, as the Central Valley reverts to dustbowl.

      Take back your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk that never fit in back yonder and vote commiecrat, let the state flip back to majority conservative like it was for over 100 years, and this could turn around in a decade or so.

      Or, just wait for the commies in Sacramento to run out of money for the EBT cards, wait for the riots and upheaval, and the locust swarms will leave after the state goes bankrupt.
      And when the survivors come back home, they'll be bringing their illegal alien maids and gardeners. The ones your reps didn't notice for 50 years. 😉

      Best wishes dealing with Plan B.

  12. JFM: Of course. Engineers solve problems. Governments create problems.

  13. All- Thanks for the comments! JFM- That was what Pat Brown and Reagan were trying to push through, 20 years later!

  14. I’m continually reminded of the old (hilarious) Sam Kinison bit about starving Ethiopians-
    Too damn many people there already.
    And THOUSANDS of illegals are becoming water users there daily.

  15. Wait. The same state that makes harvesting rainwater from your roof illegal and makes funneling grey water to your yard (water from clothes washers and kitchen sinks) and from your shower wants you to collect water from your shower to water your plants?

    Soooooo glad I live in the mostly free State of Florida, will be more free if the damned statish RINOs finally allow Consitutional Carry and Open Carry to pass.

  16. “We will indulge them their sins; allow them to occupy themselves with their vices. We will monitor everything, regulate everything, order and legislate for everything – and be their conscience too – so that they do not have to trouble themselves to think, overly; or, to be obliged to make decisions. They exist only to serve us, the élite who rule over them: The millions, numerous as the sands of the sea, who are weak, must exist only for the élite, who rule over them. In this mystery, says the Grand Inquisitor, “lies the great secret of the world”.

    The Grand Inquisitor of Seville

  17. Hey Old NFO;

    After seeing the weirdness of California when I was there, the total stratification, the Rich and Poor, no middle class. I swear what they are doing is a feature not a bug. The “elitist” in California want a subservient class, and want everyone else gone, so they espouse policies that are punishing to he middle class to push them out, so many people are moving to other states like Texas and Tennessee and Georgia, unfortunately some of them bring their voting patterns with them and their beliefs…so the transitions are interesting.

  18. I am was born in the late 50s and am from California. When I grew up Reagan was the governor and was the last to setup reservoirs, have logging companies operating in the forests to clear dead wood and create wages and taxes while cutting forest fires. The lack of water from the north to the central valley and south happened after Reagan as the environmentalist and their push gained with the Dems.

    I left the state in 96 for the east coast due to business, but the growth was double from when I was in elementary school however the state had not increased the water, power, and natural gas to handle the growth. Also the growth happened in areas that should not have had housing and roads.

  19. JG- Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that. And concur on the growth in certain areas. My ex-wife and hubby lost their house in the Camp Fire and barely got out with their lives.

  20. Funny thing about grey water collection, if nobody knows what you are doing you don’t have a problem.

    When we lived in CA we used our laundry water for irrigation for years we used a trash can to collect the water for a sump pump to move to the lawn. The can was inside the garage next to the washer so nobody could see a thing.

  21. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m gonna say it again:

    Modern-day California is proof that Lex Luthor and Max Zorin were the good guys in their respective movies.

    MaSoCalSA: Make Southern California Sink Again!