While Rome burns…

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued an order banning the use of Times New Roman font in all State Department communications.

Why is Times New Roman, which was created in 1932, suddenly so problematic? If you guessed it was because the Biden administration determined the font was racist, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. Given recent developments, it seemed inevitable that someone would declare that all serif fonts are tools of white supremacy.

The State Department is ditching Times New Roman out of a desire to be more “inclusive” to “employees who are visually impaired or have other difficulties reading,” according to the Washington Post. The paper received a copy of the department-wide memo, which was cringingly titled “The Times (New Roman) are a-Changin.”

Full article, HERE on PJ Media.

It’s not like they have nothing ELSE to do…

Iran, the Afghan refugees, the illegals coming across the border from… EVERYWHERE!

When I see stuff like this, I truly think the inmates ARE running the asylum!

Sigh… I’m going to sit over here and write. Y’all have a good weekend while you can!


Fiddling… — 16 Comments

  1. Yes. I cannot believe the amount of attention the Idaho college campus murders has gained. Entire hours of prime-time are used just to discuss this case as if it is the most important issue of our time. A suspect was caught and apprehended – now let the process play out. No amount of discussion will change the verdict from the jury.

  2. This would be example #1 of illustrating what the following term means in todays vernacular:

    “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”

    It is the corollary to naming the Inflation Booster Shot bill:

    “The Inflation Reduction Act”

    May ALL of our Abusive Public Servants get what they deserve…
    Good and HARD.

    MSG Grumpy

  3. Let’s see, where did this get injected into the Mainstream Press and thus the public consciousness? Oh yes… The Washington Post.

    This story isn’t newsworthy, it’s an utterly uninteresting minor administrative nit at a government department that affects nobody but their own employees. So why’s WaPo publishing it?

    Slow news day? Puff piece filler? No, it’s WaPo, so it was released with a purpose in mind. WaPo is very good at chopping wood and carrying water for the Democrats.

    I am reminded of the magician who gets your attention fixated on one of his hands while he does the slight-of-hand with the other.

    What State’s other hand doing?

  4. The inmate is running the asylum here in Canada. Trudeau has designated the Ruger #1, single shot rifle, an “assault type” weapon and it is on his banned list. Also, he has so designated the Weatherby Mark 5. He is well on his way to coming after hunting firearms.

  5. No one seems to know what they are doing in the Biden Admin as it is likely they are not running the country. Obama is in charge and has select people running the country INTO THE GROUND. The people in the Biden Cabinet are for show and just do “make do” things to keep busy.

  6. “The State Department is ditching Times New Roman out of a desire to be more “inclusive” to “employees who are visually impaired or have other difficulties reading,””

    Correct answer would be braille or voice mail messaging for the visually impaired.
    There is no correct answer for stupid.

  7. Most people with a problem with the serifs on fonts have the awareness there is a doctor of optometry that specializes in correcting the vision problem with glasses or contacts. Unfortunately, those people probably don’t work for the government because such awareness is contradictory to bureaucratic doctrine. Considering the woeful ignorance of government employees, I can’t understand whey they even need to read.

  8. What? In layout design classes they teach that serif fonts are easier for the eye to follow as the serif, on fonts like Times New Roman, accentuates the letters.

    Sans-serifs tend to not be easier to follow and tend to blob up, so to speak, for a lot of people.

    Me? I like the cleanliness of sans-serifs in headers and some simple things, but overall readability is improved by tossing everything into a serif font, usually, yes, Times New Roman.

    It’s one of the many reasons (also to fix typos…) that I often translate my electronic books into .rtf so as to make them easier for me to see and read (and, yes, to fix typos…)

  9. Yep. They’re supposed to start using 14 pt Calibri.

  10. I had a student who had difficulty with any narrow line, serif font. I presented five options, the student picked the one that worked best, and we went with that for the rest of the term.

    That’s one student out of . . . lots and lots and lots. The .gov, as you say, is fiddling as the smoke rises, and shifting deck chairs on a sinking vessel.

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    We had commented about the FAA changing the name of “NOTAM” but not updating the computer system…All show but no go with predictable results, and the sad thing is that no bureaucrats are held responsible for the inevitable crash and burn.