For you veterans…Veterans of the Vietnam, Gulf War, and post-9/11 eras!

If you get the Agent Orange paperwork (and I’ll bet it’s similar for burn pits, etc.), before you start, dig out your military records and your medical records, you’re going to need them!

Where you were overseas, when, with what commands, plus diagnosis of any existing/emergent conditions including dates and locations.

Thankfully, I had my logbooks and my records handy, along with all my flight physicals. And it still took about two hours to pull everything together AND fill out the forms.

If you haven’t reviewed the PACT Act to check eligibility, go HERE. This can make a significant difference in your disability rating, your treatment by the VA, and if you were previously denied for disability before the PACT Act, you can now file a supplemental claim. Go HERE for the instructions/requirements.

If you know veterans that are suffering from these conditions, PLEASE let them know there is help available now.


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  1. Almost 9 years in Korea, you’d think there’d be something.
    Especially with all the times the medics said “There’s stuff in that water/those drums we can’t identify…”

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Thanks, I am arguing with the VA over certain things and being on the “Gulf War Registry” I I hope helps….But I’m gonna push the burn pit thing, I burned enough crap in my time over there…among other things.

    • Listen to you fuckers trying to get money for nothing. No good motherfuckers. Some of you have no shame. You sir are a fucking piece of shit.

  3. For those of us who were stationed in Germany in the early 1970s, there has been ABSOLUTELY ZERO interest in providing us with coverage because of the exposure to sausages cooking at the Oktoberfest and New Wine Festivals (in the Stuttgart area).
    Also, sitting in the local gasthaus and inhaling the vapors off sauerkraut and warm kartoffel salat.
    Plus, nobody REALLY knows what was in that spezi drink…
    Cold-hearted bureaucracies.

  4. I am a Vietnam Vet, served in country from Jan 68 to Jan 69. After the agent orange bill was passed in the early seventies I filed for disability for neuropathy in my feet and lower legs. I was denied because I had not filed within a year of exposure. I appealed and stated how could I have filed when the Agent Orange Act did not exist. I was told that if I was diabetic then they would pay. I am considered pre-diabetic for whatever that means. Right now I am 50% disabled because of my heart problem, hearing, and thyroid. I don’t know if I should try and file for my neuropathy or not. I have been getting medication for the pain in my feet but for some reason getting refills have become too much for the VA to handle. I sent in rills for my meds about 3 weeks ago but still have no meds and must deal with pain day and night. I tried to talk to a rep from the AMVETS but he was no help and ended up in an argument with him when I was trying to file for my thyroid after it was added to the list. He said it was not on the list and I told it was and it got a little heated and I hung up on him. I filed on line with the VA and it was finally approved about a year after it first showed up on the agent orange list. I get kind of discouraged with the VA over the paper work and being made to jump through all the hoops they want you to go through. When I filed for my thyroid they ran me all over western PA to see different doctors before they would approve it. Why they do this to vets is beyond me. It just makes me feel like my service to this country is not appreciated and all I did was waste a year of my life for nothing.

  5. Drang- Good point! And no idea why they aren’t on the list…

    Bob- Do it!

    Pat- LOL, your ‘suffering’ was appreciated!

    John- Don’t give up! I think they are counting on that. I’ve had good success with DAV getting my paperwork done and they have been VERY helpful!

  6. Go to your local DAV office, Bring whatever you have, sit down and be civil.
    They will help with forms and stuff. They will fax claims to the DAV office next to the office that handles claims.
    I am very sure that every VFW to other service organization can help the same way.
    My claim took just a short visit, and due to having a prostate cancer diagnosis, I was 100% disabled. The check arrived the next month.
    Look on the computer for presumptive claims. If that is what your doctor says you have, go with it.