And now we have snow…

Thankfully, PP’s PT session was yesterday. It spit snow off and on all day, until about 1700…

And an hour later…

Meanwhile, ‘I’ had to go pick up pizza…

As of 1930, there was easily 4 inches and it was still snowing hard.

And the kids were still out playing in it!!!


And now we have snow… — 11 Comments

  1. No socks in that vid? That is NOT a Roger in this neck of the woods. At 0615 it’s seven below and thirteen inches of white since Tuesday into yesterday afternoon. Seventy inches for the season so far for the Twin Cities …..(groan) Huzzah for two stage snow throwers!

  2. Philly has had exactly zero snow this year, and it was 60 degrees yesterday.

  3. I live in western PA about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh. Yesterday was sunny and 71 degrees. We have not had much snow at all so far this winter. Is the climate changing? I don’t know but I do know that God is warning America to return to Him and regain the morals most of us were taught by our parents and grandparents. The drugs, alchohol, perversion, sex, and violence must end. I pray every night that we as Americans return to Jesus Christ and reject the lifestyles that are ruining America. This has to come from the people because the leadership of America is not leading the country back to what America was founded on and that is a strong faith and trust in God.

  4. Glad it didn’t make it up here, though it is cold today(17F at the moment).

  5. Nylon- She had little ‘booties’ on… sigh

    John- Wow!

    John- Don’t disagree at all!

    Jim- Yeah… it never got below 30 up here.

  6. Glad the grandkids got to get out and play a lot in the snow. 🙂

  7. We’ve had something like 130″ of snow so far this year. And since it’s only February, we could get quite a bit more before break-up sets in. ‘Sposed to have sub-zero lows for the next several days, too.

    Re your “love” of all things cold, Jim, I recommend “duck and cover!”

  8. I’d take rain, snow, anything but ice. The last three systems have skimmed just far enough north that we got screaming wind and no moisture. We’re in fire season, and that’s a deadly combo.

  9. Ag- They’ve been in and out all day!

    Rev- LOL, yeah…

    CM- Probably or an Easter snowstorm!

    TXRed- Sigh, that doesn’t bode well for ‘spring’ in your area.