Quick update on PP…

The shoulder surgery went well, she is slowly recovering and the pain is becoming manageable.

She’s doing the first sets of exercises, but hates the sling because it rubs… And I’m taking her for her first rehab today!

The hubby and kids have been super supportive, the dogs and cat, not so much. They have ‘their’ schedule regardless of the situation around the house, and they’ve ‘adapted’ to me being their provider… sigh

The kids doing homework last night were funny, as Jace was doing a heart rate test vs. caffeine use. So he took a base reading for each of us, then we drank a coke, he took it again, and then a second coke and another reading.

Of course by then, the kids were WIRED!!!

Which led to the inevitable, when the caffeine/sugar high wore off after supper.

She was going to get a cup for her glass of milk… And that was all she wrote!

Daddy carried her off to bed. LOL


Quick update on PP… — 11 Comments

  1. That right there? That’s FUNNY!
    And something to be shared with the wedding party, when the time comes for that.

  2. Pat- Oh yeah…

    Cedar- Exactly! I tried that, I’d be in the hospital!

    Vitaeus- LOL, true!

  3. Cedar: And bend seemingly without pain! I must admit I’m a bit envious.

  4. A nice soft washcloth wrapped around where the sling is rubbing will help pad the strap. Or you can use pipe insulation.

    Either way, just something to spread out the pressure will help.

  5. In my lifetime (and yours)-
    Coffee is dangerous.
    Coffee is good for you.
    Coffee is bad.
    Coffee is good.
    Coffee raises blood pressure and hurts your heart.
    Caffeine extends life expectancy.
    None of this affected me. “No coffee? No talkee!”

  6. Ag- You’re not the only one!

    Beans- It’s not the strap, it’s the sling itself. It has a seam on the inside that is rubbing the inside of her bicep and forearm.

    GB- Ain’t that the truth!

    • Is there any necessity that the sling not be worn inside out?

  7. Physical Therapy is a.. heinous painus in the anus… BUT…
    I know fellow in in 90’s that did it… twice a day (morning & evening) when they said ‘once a day’. And Doc was “How are you doing twice as well as people half you age?!” I know a MUCH younger gal who skipped out “because it hurts” and have NEVER been right… Now, maybe they were both wrong, but the lesson either way is.. grit yer teeth and bear it NOW… so you can relax later.