Okay, who had zombie apocalypse for Wednesday???

Let’s face it: having just gone through a pandemic where denialist political discourse turned a significant part of the population into something resembling zombies, the prospect of a new pandemic where a microorganism itself devours the victims’ brains is an unsettlingly real prospect. 

Full article, HERE from World Crunch.

OBTW, the author is actually a microbiologist… HERE

But there is a bit of pushback, and apparently she says (in not so many words) it’s not a high probability!

And just for fun, there’s this scientific study that was released on Jan 19th… HERE

Sigh… I’m gonna go find a hole, climb in, and pull it in after me.


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  1. First you have to get through the upcoming “weatheracolypse”.
    It’s like a video game.
    Conquer this level, on to the next.

  2. It looks to me like they’re trying a different scare angle to keep people in fear.
    There are too many coulds and maybes in a popular media article to take it seriously…
    It sounds to me like they know their movement is running out of steam and they are flinging stuff at us to see what sticks – do they think we’re a bunch of monkeys?

    • Do they think we’re a bunch of monkeys?

      Yes! The “Elites” think we are too stupid to function without their overlordship.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    “Climate Change” again?…..Well I am not surprised…they are using climate change to blame for the sudden increase of deaths of young people….and they are blaming eggs too…..Not even subtle anymore are they…..

  4. Ah, just like how the world population was wiped out during the Medieval Warming Period which is why humanity is extinct now and oh, never mind.

    • Darn it. Lack of an edit feature gets me again. There was supposed to be a [checks notes] in between “and” and “oh” but I used the greater than/lesser than symbols to enclose it and apparently the html parser took them away. I wonder what happens to things enclosed in those symbols that can’t be parsed as “proper” html.

  5. It’s a GOOD thing that we have rumors of plagues and calamities getting dumped on us an a regular basis.
    It allows us to ignore the fact that as a civilization, we are a bunch of @$$h0les, and that our troubles are because we don’t act right.
    It permits us to believe that there is nothing we can do about inevitable disaster, when the actual solution is so easy:
    A bowl of soup.
    If we all pledged to take soup to friends who were sick or otherwise troubled, it would trigger a process ending in world peace, joy, and fulfillment.
    And then, how could they sell us toothpaste, deodorant, cosmetic surgery, and political candidates?

    • I believe these clowns as much as I trust the 3 Card Monte guy down at the beach or a midway game at the county fair.

      Biggest thing the Covidicy did was end our trust in ‘experts’ for a generation or more.

  6. Ah, climate change. I love the complete look of stupidity when I point out to climate-worshipers that the early medieval period (also known as The Viking Age) was about 5-8 degrees on average warmer than now, and the sea levels didn’t rise and there was no environmental apocalypse and that food production was at an all-time high and that EMP mines and habitations have been found under retreating glaciers.

    And that those glaciers grew back during the medieval ice-age of the 1300’s, which brought about the end of settlement on Greenland and the spread of the Black Plague (or do we call it POC now, you know, Plague of Colour?)

    It usually pisses them off.

    As to zombies caused by global climate change, who can tell amongst all the face maskers and Fauciites and followers of the Church of Climatological Dooom? Who knows, actual zombies might be better, as their conversations tend to make more sense than FMs, F-ites and FotCoCD.

    • “EMP mines”??
      Pressure-sensitive munitions that disable your elctronics? I had no idea the Vikings were so advanced.

  7. Pandemics, climate change, super volcanoes, space aliens, meteor strikes or thermonuclear war, we are alway just a blink away from extinction.

    Or nothing will happen at all. We will as a species just keep on moving down the highway of history.

    My money is on keep on truck’en!

  8. And permafrost could melt releasing a deadly virus that wipes out humanity, too, forcing the dwindling survivors to develop an AI that can inherit the Earth.

    (This is actually the plot of the puzzle game The Talos Principle. Fun game, if tough.)

    Sheesh. Doomsayers never go out of style.