Not that anyone will be held responsible, but at least there IS a hearing going on!

Congress revisited the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the current threat level from the country where the United States was at war for 20 years in a pair of hearings Wednesday.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee heard from six witnesses in a hearing that focused on evacuation efforts during the final two weeks of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan in August 2021.

Full article, HERE from the Washington Examiner.

This is the testimony of one Marine Sergeant…

That is hard to watch… He lost his right arm and leg to the bombing, and it’s a miracle he’s alive.


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    I saw parts of that one, and you are correct, the total lack of accountability is galling. The senior leadership spent their time “covering their asses” and trying to blame Trump rather than leading like they were supposed to. If this had happened 70 years ago, there would have been resignations galore because the Officer corp were made of a different stuff rather than the political candy ass crap that is encouraged now. I still am pissed to this day by the lack of accountability, spine, gutless cowards……Fuckers. Sorry for the poor language…but it is how I feel.

  2. Pretty damned obvious that it starts at the top with Biden, on down to general officers, and further on down, but to how far?

    Apparently NOBODY was willing to make a decision. NO officer in command at ANY level was willing to stick his pretty little neck out and stand up with some responsibility. The wrong people got killed that day and the career political survivors are still lying about it.

    Aside: I was at Sea World today. Got a chance to Welcome Home another Vietnam Vet. Not sure why, but I can’t carry on a conversation after that; it’s even hard to respond to their usual “What outfit were you with?” because I get a mini-choke-up somewhere between “Welcome” and “home.” It has never changed after all these years. Today’s Brother just said, “Thank you” with an eye contact that was penetrating. VERY penetrating. Every one is different.

    I have a ball cap that has Vietnam and Desert Storm on it, the near bookends of my career, but I’ve never worn it. Not sure I ever will. I don’t stand when the crowd is supposed to “recognize our veterans,” either. Screw ’em. They had their chances to recognize us when it could have made a difference.

    Eh. Apologies for the O/T.

  3. A Marine testifies he was denied permission to shoot the Kabul suicide bomber who was reasonable for the killing of the 13 Marines in BIDEN’S INSANE Afghanistan withdrawal .

    Not only did Biden allow the suicide bomber to be freed by the Taliban when they took Bagram Airbase when he abandoned it in the middle of the night, but he also refused to kill the suicide bomber when he was spotted before blowing up 13 of our Marines and hundreds of other people.
    Because an onsite order to shoot to kill had to come directly from the President of the United State!
    So Thanks Joey, For Nothing.

  4. I wonder what sort of load the Pennsylvania Ave. lamp post can bear.

    • Or Constitution Avenue. We really ought to just construct “Government Repair Facilities” aka gallows on the Mall and use them until we have in fact repaired our government.
      As for DoD, if anyone had a shred of honor, the River Entrance would be the scene of multiple instances of Seppuku