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And there are some GOOD ones this week (as always, actually)…

First up, Space Cowboys 2- Electric Rodeo

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Next is Rob Hampson’s new novel The Moon and the Desert
The blurb-
What would it really take to make the Six Million Dollar Man? a medical thriller on earth and in space!

Glenn Armstrong Shepard had his sights set on going to Mars as a flight surgeon, but a training accident on the Moon left him crippled. Now he has a new plan: to be fitted with bionic prosthetics and come back even stronger.

Fate and the Space Force have other plans, and Glenn is grounded. Another doctor—his ex-fiancée—takes his place, and Glenn will have to fight to prove he can be an astronaut once more. . . .

Rob uses his background as an actual scientist to bring this one to life!!!
Next up is Mike Rothman and D.J. Butler’s new story Time Trials
The blurb-

Marty Cohen was a gifted linguist and student of ancient military strategy who stepped away from academic Egyptology and opened a woodworking shop. Away from the bitter politics and petty rivalries, he’s happy to take care of his people, play the occasional war game, and try to make a good life.

Yet when business takes a turn for the worse, an opportunity appears. He gets summoned back to Egypt: an off-the-grid dig funded by an eccentric financier has discovered texts that may be the earliest Egypt has produced, and they’ll pay Marty silly amounts of cash just to fly out and take one little look.

Marty turned his back on the academia game, but he’s a small business owner who has to make payroll, and he can’t say no to the money.

But the texts open doors to an astonishing journey: the ragtag team of archaeologists finds itself in protohistoric North Africa, a drying land dominated by horrors, where humanity is badly in need of champions.

And behind the war against the fearsome overlords lies a greater struggle: Marty and his team have been chosen to be champions of all Earth and to run a gauntlet on humanity’s behalf.

Failure will mean extinction.

Next up, Holly Chism is out with a series of six short stories revolving around dragons! The Dragon is in the Details
The blurb-
Six stories of dragons hiding in today’s world:
A Friend, Indeed–A little girl meets the best friend she could ask for when she finds a dragon sleeping in her wagon.
Tempest–What do you do when you find a dragon in your favorite teacup?
Clowder–These are absolutely not cats, no matter what they look like, and will take offense at your mistake.
Back Yard Birds and Other Things–If the dragon defends your chickens, you invite it to stay.
Houdini–When the pet supplier sends the wrong kind of dragon, the pet store’s got a problem.
Hoard–Not every dragon cares for gold, gems, or cash.
And last, but certainly NOT least, Lawdog and Cedar have another comic out- The Squeaks Caper
The blurb-
Lawdog tells two tales from his childhood in Africa.

Speaker, known as Squeaks, gets to live the mongoose dream when a python drops literally at his feet. The python has other thoughts. Chaos ensues, with the family thrown into an uproar by the chase.

The trial of a goat becomes an educational experience for the young Lawdog and his even younger brother. Will justice be done? Will the goat speak in court? Read on and find out!

The whole thing is illustrated by Cedar Sanderson’s quirky pen-and-ink style. Pictures of Nigerian flora and fauna accompany the full pages portraying scenes from the tale, and bonus illustrations at the end will leave you amused at her whimsical imagination.

A warning… All of these will hook you in a heartbeat, and you’ll want to read them all in one setting! Just don’t do it on successive nights if you have to get up and go to work… Just sayin…


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  1. It looks like I’ll need to crack open my wallet and buy some books.

  2. LL- Folks would appreciate it! Hope you’re making it through the weather okay out there!

  3. Bought Space Cowboys 2, it was #1 in New Science Fiction Anthologies when I bought it (about 6:30 PM central today)

  4. Time to order some new coloring pencils as well. Great stories and great illustrations by LawDog and Cedar.