Did you remember???

To ‘spring’ ahead an hour last night?

If not, you’re already late… sigh

And just think about this, if they make daylight savings time permanent, in the winter, sunrise will be as late a 0830 in the morning!


I’m going back to sleep to get my ‘extra’ hour back.


Did you remember??? — 25 Comments

  1. Apparently no one remembers how effed up everything got when they tried this FIFTY YEARS AGO!

    But I do, as a young ‘un in elementary school waiting for the school bus in the dark of night. Back then it was “OMG… the kids aren’t safe any more!”

    I did remember, and showed up for my shift at the firehouse 15 minutes early as always.

    • Yeah, I remember the last time they tried it. I was in my 3rd year at U-MD. The news was full of pictures of elementary school kids waiting for busses in the dark. Didn’t help the commute around DC one bit, either.

  2. I don’t care which, but I want them to just pick one and stay on it year round.

  3. We used to have standard time year round here, but they “fixed” that back in the 60s. I’d just as soon have a return to it.

  4. Go half an hour between, and stay there.

    Fortunately in this ‘everything is connected’ days, between the cable box and the smart phones, the only thing I have to physically set is the car clock. Or I can just mentally add or subtract an hour, whichever one I need to do…

  5. Yes, car clocks.
    I have a very sophisticated sound system, installed by the previous owner, on my 1995 GMC 1500 (their version of the Suburban).
    You know that bit about a stopped clock being right twice a day? Well, I’ve improved that; the clock is right six months out of the year. I just don’t recall which half it is.
    What the heck, I’m retired. I don’t have to be anywhere on time.

  6. No worries, all my antique wind up chime clocks automatically reset themselves. It was great. 🙂

    As far as time zones, in the winter I leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark. Who cares what the clock says? Honestly I’d prefer one time zone that we just keep. Just base it on when the sun is directly overhead. We can just come up with a word for that time. Maybe “noon” but it sounds a bit weird so if anyone has any better ideas…

    Washington, Oregon, California have all asked that the time change be eliminated. Congress won’t act. I assume BC would fall in line if the Western states go that way otherwise it would be weird. Not that I really care anymore. I don’t go there anymore.

    • As I understand, it’s takes an Act of Congress or a Law to decree Year-Round DST… BUT… any state can simply opt out and just keep Standard Time – as some do. Get enough states to come together an Have A Clue and do that, the rest of the country will likely follow… though the legislatures & Governors of DST-addicts might (need to) get a thorough slamming to come around.

  7. Changing clocks has no bearing on anything. Daylight depends on the tilt of the earth giving more sunlight as we the tilt is movung more toward the sun taking us into Spring. Nature operates on its own schedule. Only stupid humans allow a clock to run their lives. Just think how much better off we would be if all clocks were banished. We would all operate on natures time.

  8. I sprang ahead, and am still late. Wake me up when the coffee’s ready.

  9. Glypto- I would expect nothing less from you! 🙂

    All- LOL, I see y’all are dealing with the same ‘issues’ I am… sigh

  10. No forgot. Woke up to the phone going off. Aren’t you coming to help me study? You forgot to spring forward didn’t you?

    I’m coming, make coffee please.

  11. Going to the couch to watch golf as my “potato” status is in decline. If I happen to fall asleep, so be it…

  12. No. I forgot.
    Funny, not one mention of it anywhere last night except a guy on FB who I thought was being funny.
    I mean, it’s snowing out! When does time change happen when it’s snowing?

  13. I remembered, set all the clocks forward last night – and stayed up late because of basketball. And books.

    I vote that TX opt out of DST and just do like AZ. It makes good sense for them – there are more cool morning hours for work in summer. (Cool being relative).

  14. Gerry/Ed- It happens… LOL

    Fluge- Yeah, The Players is interesting this year.

    TXRed- Snort… Agreed on TX opting out!

  15. Not only did my AI assistant automatically change time, it also sounded the alarm at 0315 biological clock-time. Unfortunately, the 0415 alarm was for NEXT sunday. Ugh.

  16. I live in AZ (no DST) but work for a CA company, so now I can knock off work an hour early. Summers are OK, but in the winter I have to work until long after sundown.

  17. No, I did not remember. And I was most critically informed that somehow it is MY responsibility in the home to do so. Ugh. Yes, my dear.

  18. Making it permanent would be year-round idiocy.
    Make it obsolete.

    When 80% of the country worked on a farm, it was only asinine.
    Now that 98% don’t, it’s simply profound retardation combined with inertia that lets it stand.

  19. Aesop (of Raconteur Report?): You’ve nailed it.

    This is yet another piece of legislation that never should have been, and every time they dick with it they only manage to make it more annoying.

    Take it out back, and put it out of everyone’s misery.