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First up is a nifty little short story from Kelly Grayson The Battle of Waffle Haus 814

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The blurb-

Ever been to Waffle Haus at 3:00 am and… wondered… about some of the specimens of humanity observed there? Well, there’s a good chance they weren’t human at all, but thanks to the good graces of Faerie, all supernatural creatures look more-or-less human while they enjoy their scattered, smothered and covered hash browns. They don’t always get along, though, and sometimes it requires extraordinary men and women to keep the peace.

There’s a new Sheriff at Waffle Haus, and he’s not going to take any guff from the clientele.

Next up is Lawdog with a re-release of his The LawDog Files- Revised and Expanded

Note: This one actually pays LawDog, not the pirates that are still pushing his original version.

The blurb-

The entire sworn personnel complement of the department consisted of the Sheriff, the Chief Deputy and two patrol deputies.

That was it.

I miss that county.

To me, law enforcement is tracking an Alzheimer’s patient for four hours through the boonies after he wandered away from home; answering a 911 call because a rattlesnake is about to eat a nest full of baby birds; and scaring off ghosts because the lady of the house lost her husband ten years ago, her children live out of state, and you are the only outside contact she gets.

For me, being a cop is about keeping an eye out for a black-and-white dog of indeterminate ancestry, red bandanna, whose 9-year-old owner is crying his eyes out.

Most new officers will start out in medium-to-large cities/counties and never know what it’s like to patrol when your only back-up is 45 miles away as the cruiser drives – and asleep in bed, to boot.

So, I tell stories and hope that through those, the Gentle Reader can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Western small-town, rural Peace Officer.

Next up, Peter Nealan has the next Pallas Group Solutions book up for pre-order The Dragon and the Skull

It drops the end of this month!

The blurb-

As Threats Continue to Converge…

And the Bodies Pile Up…

There’s No Choice but to Go On The Hunt

Actions have consequences, and Chris Grant and the men of Pallas Group Solutions know it. After the fight on the border, the cartels are going to be out for blood.

The only way forward is to hit them before they can hit PGS.

While some contractors go on the offensive in the Southwest and Northern Mexico, others are tracing the Chinese connection. They’ll find a web of subversion, terror, and murder they hardly suspected.

But Pallas Group Solutions hires hunters.

Will they be tough enough to face both the Chinese Dragon and the Narco Death’s Head?

You’ll love this action thriller because the action is as savage as the twists are sudden!

And last, but not least, Larry Correia’s next Saga of the Forgotten Warrior is up for pre-order Tower of Silence will drop April 4th

The blurb-


The assassination of the Chief Judge has pushed the Capitol to the edge. The Great Extermination has spread to all the land. The casteless must be annihilated.

Their only hope is the fallen Protector Ashok Vadal. But Vadal is being held prisoner on the island of Fortress. In order to save those who need him most, he must escape and find his way across the demon-infested sea and return to Thera, the prophet of an illegal and forgotten god. It is she who has sent the Sons of the Black Sword to war against the warrior caste, hoping to buy time until Vadal’s return.

But as the chaos swirls, Grand Inquisitor Omand Vokkan launches a coup to install Lord Protector Devedas as his puppet king. Devedas has no intention of being anyone’s puppet, but it may not matter. For Vokkan has struck a secret bargain with a demon. Vokkan will destroy the casteless for this ancient being; in exchange, he will be granted the power of the ancient gods.

Ashok Vadal, Thera, and the Sons of the Black Sword face foes both human and supernatural, Byzantine political intrigue and bloody hand-to-hand combat, gods and demons alike. But Vadal is a warrior with a warrior’s heart, and woe to those who would stand in his way—man, god, demon, or otherwise!

To my way of thinking, there’s not a bad one in the bunch… not that I’m biased or anything… LOL

Seriously, go read them all.


Book promos… — 9 Comments

  1. Purchased:

    – Scattered, Smothered and Spellbound: The Battle of Waffle Haus 814
    – The LawDog Files: Revised and Expanded (Raconteur Press Anthologies Book 6)
    – Gray War: A Pallas Group Solutions Thriller (Brave New Disorder Book 1)
    (Let me catch up and read book 1…)

    And Larry’s new one I already have purchased through Baen’s monthly bundle program.

  2. Just bought Waffle Haus 814, bought Lawdog Files yesterday. I actually still have the (non-pirated) original version of Lawdog Files 1 & 2 in my Kindle app.

  3. It seems the Waffle House 814 is located at 4540 North Hwy 81, Anderson, South Carolina 29621. Might stop by next time I’m in the area.

  4. I made a mistake. I bought Battle of Waffle Haus as my last planned thing tonight, and opened the book.
    I was great. Just left a review on Kindle, and if I can stop laughing, I may be able to get some sleep tonight.

  5. So the original Lawdog Files was pirated? I see it for sale on Amazon, is Castelia House a ripoff organization?