Dayum, this one is off her meds or needs a ‘reset’!!!

The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one.

PoliticsGirl is an apparently upper-middle-class, middle-aged suburban white woman — in other words, the bread and butter of the Democrat Party base. After spin class, it appears she poured herself a generous glass of red wine to wash down her Xanax and went on a paradoxical rant against democracy in defense of democracy.

Full article, HERE from PJ Media

I know most people here don’t follow baseball all that much, but Ken Griffey, Jr. has still got the skills! He’s coaching Team USA and was talked into stepping into the batting cage after 13 years away from it. And he hit one out of the park!!!



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  1. To Dems, Democracy is not Democracy. It’s the Democrat Party winning.
    And actually, that’s true.
    I curse “democracy”. It is a curse. Give me a Republic. Back.

  2. PJ Media got that wrong. Has to be chardonnay or another white w(h)ine. 🙂

    Ken Jr. – yahoo! Great lesson there, showing the kids how the “old man” gets it done. Even better that he’s coaching and building up a ew generation.

  3. Ken Griffey Jr is one class act. Years ago when he played with the Mariners he would speak to my autistic son, who worked at Larry’s Market, while shopping with his family. My son only knew him as a “nice man” as my son had no interest in sports.

  4. During Mr. Griffey’s rookie year, my brother was into sports card and our dad took us to a card swap. My brother spent a good bit of time tracking down a rookie card in good condition. Dad bought me a random pack of cards to keep me occupied. And wouldn’t you know it? Ken Griffey, Jr rookie card was in the pack. Big brother was a bit put out that little sister who had no real interest scored one so easily. Muahahaha!

  5. I live in a city full of these creatures. Even worse are the actual college perfessors, many whom are quite happy to say they’re card-carrying commies.

    Facts don’t matter. Reason doesn’t matter. Logic doesn’t matter. Only what their overlords in the Dem and other Leftist parties tell them matters. Which, come to think of it, coming from university perfessers, is something quite wrong.

    And it starts with the name of the party. Democrat. The antithesis of a functional government. There’s a reason our founding fathers wanted a representative republic. And a reason our republican party was founded.

    What’s worse about these jackwagonettes is that there is no concept of learned discourse with them. It’s like The View 24/7/365 with them. All about the volume and vicious of the attack on anything that doesn’t fit their (ever changing) small world.

    Sigh. Just want people to start using their brains for individual thought rather than as a slave terminal for some master mainframe of stupidity. Which is a statement all its own, as the Democrats have been, are and will be for slavery, and always some form of chattel slavery.

    I call what they are wanting “Neo Feudalism.” They (the Dem Hive Mind Overlords) want peons tied to the land and the job forever, either by debt or by travel restrictions (like, oh, EVs, because EVs restrict travel) or by lack of jobs and resources and opportunities.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    They used to be called “Yellow Dog Democrats”, but they have evolved to the white urban affluant professional class. Beans is correct, They want “Neo-Feudalism”, where us “dirt People” are chained to the land and have to tug our forelocks as our “betters” walk by.
    From everything I have read, Ken Griffey is a class act, I don’t pay much attention to “sports ball” anymore especially the past few years.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments! I followed Griffey when he came up in the early 90s, and got to see him play against the A’s a couple of times. I quite following baseball after the 94 strike… sigh

  8. “PoliticsGirl” is what you get when everyone has access to a microphone, camera and the internet. Walking brain donors bleating randomly about things they can’t possibly understand. Warhol was in a way correct. Everyone gets their dose of fame. But the stupidest ones seem to get a helluva a lot more than 15 minutes.

    • Yuck, that brain is useless. Maybe she is a brainless walking organ donor. But based on anecdotal evidence that organ recipients take on characteristics of the donor, I wouldn’t want any organs from her.