April Fools…

Or real???

I don’t know, but I’d be planning for a real event… FWIW…

If you’re out and about, make sure you keep your heads on a swivel, and carry if you can. Better to be safe than sorry.


April Fools… — 14 Comments

  1. Apparently it was cancelled for “credible threats of violence”. More likely it was cancelled by the Left because of the bad optics after the shooting in Nashville.

  2. Crybully psyop. They cancelled their announced event two days ago, and are blaming the threats they have received as a result of the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville.

    Cancelling due to claims of threats was probably the plan all along given the inflammatory fighting words used in the flyer. “Vengeance” is not a peaceable word.

    Let the three children and three adults who were murdered be remembered and mourned:

    Evelyn Dieckhaus (age 9)
    Hallie Scruggs (age 9)
    William Kinney (age 9)
    Katherine Koonce (age 60)
    Mike Hill (age 61)
    Cynthia Peak (age 61)

    Pray for their families, and that God’s peace may sustain and support them through the years to come.

  3. I can’t help think this “Day of Vengeance” crap might have helped set of the crazy woman in Nashville. Though if she said anything about it in her writings, I hope it is never published.

  4. My advice in this wacked out country is to always pack. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Too many sickos to go around bare. This includes going to Church.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Don’t go into cities if you can, and avoid all major gathering of people……In this day and age, groups of people are getting retarded…

  6. All- Thanks, I missed the ‘cancellation’ of the event… And yes, apparently they DID NOT want to find out!

  7. Yes, cancelled, but…

    The threat of a terrorist event is… terrorism, because the threat causes a reaction.

    Sadly, They are pushing the normies to the point that the normies will push back in a horrid, vile manner, and They will not like it when the silent, beat-down, tired of everyone’s bs normies do push back. Neither will the normies, but that’s what happens when you push people too far.

  8. I want to know where all of this ‘Trans Genocide’ is going on?
    Oh wait, what was that? Harsh Language equals murder? Is that what they’re talking about?
    They’re what? Less than one-one thousandth of one percent of the population?
    When you have a group that is made up of attention whores, this is what you get.

  9. I’m game. They called the tune, lets fucking dance already.

    I’m past done with these degenerates.

  10. Beans- Yeah, I don’t think they ‘expected’ that…

    John- Of course… all those ‘nasty’ words are just killing them…

    Heath- Yep!

  11. I’m guessing they cancelled because President Trump was the top story in the news and they would get, “Oh Yeah”, billing. If they couldn’t be the story at the top of the hour, every hour on the hour to push their agenda, they weren’t going to “protest”. Also, the Nashville shooter popped off too early. Had she acted during the “protests”, there would have been a companion story about, “what did the normies do to set her off???” to go along with the every hour on the hour main story.

    Of course, blame “credible threats of violence” as the reason for cancelling now, but expect that once President Trump drops out of the news, a new “protest” will be planned and executed.

  12. a) Trans genocide:

    This has been a point where I am uncertain of the meaning.

    Obviously, it seems unlikely to fit the traditional meaning of genocide. How many people who identify as trans have any chromosomal abnormalities? The remainder seem like they would have the ordinary genetics of ordinary Americans, and not be an aggregate distinguishable ethnically from ordinary Americans.

    One possibility is a belief that there will be a mass murder directed against trans. Protest and political action would be entirely unlikely to have any benefit in stopping such a mass murder. In America, the rate limiting factor on mass murder seems to be in whether there is a local consensus on tolerating it. It also seems that the people making those decisions for most of America may understand that mass murderers escalate, and broaden their target lists, so that tolerating a mass murder is profoundly unwise, because the people carrying the murders out will likely target you eventually. As an actual remedy to mass murder, activism and national politics seems a very poor alternative to relocating.

    The second possibility is that they are talking about managing issues of mental health. Which is also a situation where mass politics is a pointless and thus harmful distraction. Mental health is very very individual. If you are having thought patterns that may motivate you to harm yourself, you need to get individual help, and you may need to change your life to find something that can draw you away from that. If you try to invest your mental health in having other people do things, you will be disappointed, and it will not provide comfort. I have a suspicion in the direction of ‘Only through Christ Jesus…’, but I am not confident in being able to conclusively demonstrate that point.

    b) It is absolutely remarkable how many of the spree shooters have been people who have had nothing in their lives but leftist ideology, and public bureaucracy. Unless there were something selective going on, statistically some of the shooters should have come from intact families, been staunchly conservative, and been devout Christians who attend church consistently.

    c) For just about any group with left aligned activists, the activists specifically seem to be maliciously crazy, and the broader group may well be sane and non-malicious. I tend to see part of the answer in specifically rejecting the activist claim to represent the alleged wider group.

    d) Pushing trans on every rando with issues was eventually going to create a correlation between trans and spree shooters. This particular episode looks awfully much like the testosterone broke someone’s mind.

    e) Step one seems to have been pushing a bunch of very unhappy people, or people with issues, into acting on the theory of trans. But, political actors don’t get any sort of payoff if folks walk away from trans after a while. Step two may be to protect against defection by creating a perspective of paranoia towards the outgroup. Which may fail if there is no substance to be paranoid about.

    f) I figure that someone somewhere is trying to incite violence. All sorts of possibilities wrt to that poster’s motivation.

    g) I guess I dunno. No summary or further thoughts at this time.