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  1. If the gun is the problem then the knife is a problem, the automobile is the problem, the airplane is a problem, and the fist and hand is the problem. All of these can and have been used to kill and maim people of ALL ages from unborn children to very old people. Lets do away with cars, trains, jet planes, knives and oh yes, forks also because they can be used to commit murder too. Finally lets cut off everybodys hands because they can be used to strangle humans but oh, wait a minute, that would mean the use of a knife that is already banned. Looks like we are in a dillema, what to do, what to do!

    • Richard Feynman once mused that to truly stop nuclear proliferation, the very step must be to ban shovels. Once you allow mining…

  2. They propose self driving cars because idjts raised only on leftism and drugs are unsafe behind the wheel.

    Fundamentally, no technocracy could make such idjits safe. They are endangered walking down a street that is safe for normal people. They are a danger to themselves. They are a danger to others.

    You cannot build a stable state of mind by taking mental health advice from lefty gauleiters. Their advice focuses mainly on behaviors that they believe will serve The Party.

    PEople who instead engage with Christianity, or with other conservative agendas are stabilized by those activities. Sanity by traditional American standards is mostly a consequence of practicing Christianity. The atheists of previous cohorts who were sane and stable got a lot of Christian assumptions culturally, by mother’s milk.

    Bureaucracies cannot raise a sane American with purely bureaucratic inputs. Individual needs will always contain things that cannot be reduced to a bureaucratic process.

    Prayer is a fundamental element of the Christian practice, that leads to saner and stabler outcomes.

    The gun control psychos are unhappy with prayer, because it feels useless for their need for an answer that is a theoretical idol. That is a mechanism for changing a situation on purpose, that exists in theory that they understand. The problem for them is that human behavior is more chaotic then their minds can comprehend a realistic theory of. The theory they fix upon is reduced order to the point of being a purely magical theory. So, they try to compel others to participate in their magic theory rituals, and are sometimes refused, and so they cry.

    Prayer is actually an answer to the same sort of concerns that they try to answer with theoretical idolatry.

    Change and control? God’s will be done.

    What about unexpected outcomes? God has a plan.

    Leftists are very often unfit for civil society, but addressing that may easily be much more expensive than any possible return.

  3. John/Orvan- Good questions, and no good answers…

    Bob- Good points!

    WSF- That it is, from the law abiding…

  4. Insane criminal leftists will take EVERYTHING…except responsibility .