A bleg…

Folks, I KNOW more than 30 of y’all have read our anthology for Ross 248!

Click the cover for the Amazon link. We need reviews!!! HONEST reviews.

There are some really good stories by damn good authors in this one!

And I’d like to thank those of you who have reviewed Nothing but Time (99), Twisted Tropes (33), and Space Marines(33). Every review helps us indie authors, and 50 and 100 reviews does push us into a bit wider dissemination from Amazon to readers.

I understand that anthologies aren’t for everyone, but we do them to try to get new reader’s eyes on various author’s works. And no, not every story is going to please everyone either… Sigh… I wish there was a better way to do it, but honestly I don’t know how to accomplish that.

So THANK YOU if you’ve reviewed our stuff, and if not, and you read it, honest reviews are appreciated.


A bleg… — 4 Comments

  1. Still working my way through it. I’ll review once I’m done.

    Sometimes I get to plow through a book quickly. Sometimes life intervenes. Life’s been intervening a lot the last two weeks.

  2. Heh… got to 100 reviews on Nothing but time, and the 100th was a 1 star with NO comments… Sigh I guess I deserved that!

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