And speaking of ‘misinformation’…

There was this yesterday…

This lady was interviewed on the news as a “misinformation” expert, which means she’s a Democrat operative, and she lets the audience know what they should look out for so that they don’t spread fake news.


From Not the Bee, HERE.

I had an interesting chat with a local businessman yesterday about this very subject. One of his ‘favorite’ things to do is to ask them to explain WHY something is ‘misinformation’. He said pretty much to a person, they cannot answer and get frustrated when he just smiles and says, “So, you say it is misinformation, but you can’t say why. So whom am I to believe? You or my lying eyes.”

He said he usually has to walk away at that point, because he can’t keep from laughing.

I like the way he puts it… LOL

And I find this one from HotAir, HERE, to be hilarious! From Yale no less… Snort…


And speaking of ‘misinformation’… — 6 Comments

  1. Yeah, don’t “do your own research,” that’s just conservatives trying to hide something. Let us (your masters) tell you what you need to know. If only this was satire.

  2. It’s amazing how many masters and doctorate level academics fall into the trap of not knowing what they don’t know. They have laser-focused, very deep knowledge in an extremely narrow area of focus. Outside of that they experience trouble because they spent their time on the narrow focus and not on broader knowledge as well. (Fair enough, it’s a judgement call, but if you do this, it’s better to recognize it early so you don’t mislead yourself.)

    Not all academics fall into this trap, but many do. The Yale thing is hilarious though.

    “… or believe my lying eyes?” I heard that expression quite a few years back and I’ve had the opportunity to use it on someone during a debate. I had to walk away not because I was laughing, but because they got offended and rather angry at me for pointing out the obvious and simply observing what could be observed.

    People tend to dislike having their comfortable illusions challenged or shattered, or to put it another way, they get upset when you start slaughtering their sacred cows.

  3. NRW- Exactly!!!

    Ag- Yep, we used to call that one mile deep and one inch wide knowledge.