Here we go again…

I guess they’re trying to slip this one in under the radar…

A new “disinformation office” has been quietly established by the Biden administration. This office will have the authority to arrest and prosecute citizens of the United States who publish content online that is deemed to be “false” by so-called fact checkers.

According to the announcement made by Director Avril Haines on Thursday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has established a new office to oversee the efforts being made by the intelligence community to combat “disinformation” in the United States.

Full article, HERE.

And The Intercept also chimed in, HERE.

Interestingly, it seems they will be tied in with State’s Global Engagement Center (GEC), which has been caught censoring Americans on Twitter, FB, and other platforms. So it’s NOT just malign foreign actors the way I read it…


Comments? What say you?


Here we go again… — 31 Comments

  1. States — not just people, but the state governments — need to straight up tell the feds ‘you will not be allowed to play this game’. Arrest any federal agent that attempts to enforce this crap.

    Obviously, it’s a massive 1st Amendment violation right there. But my guess is they’ll try and ride it out as long as possible to chill the ‘fake news’ (translation: counter to their narrative) purveyors. If they can bankrupt a few high-profile victims and drive the counter-narrative underground, hey: still a win for them.

  2. I’m curious what laws they’ll use to support arrest warrants?
    I assume it’ll primarily be exaggerated election related laws, and I hope that anything they do is challenged vigorously but…

  3. Sounds like a ‘Truth Central Committee’ is being organized. The Truth Will Set You Free !! (but not the New Truth – we persecute you nasty beasts !)

    Pure intimidation that works for the Executive Branch. Notice public tax dollars will be spent on duties each political party does in any election. It climbs into high gear next year.

  4. It was never about foreign entities; it has always only been about curtailing U.S. citizens.

    Apparatus to observe and collect information on foreign entitiies has long been in place. This new thing is not about foreign actors no matter what they say.

  5. And who decides what is dis-information? First what is dis-information? It is whatever the fact checker decides it is. What goes against the fact checkers ideas could be deemed disinformation even though it may be fact! So this is just another attempt to muzzle the American people! As for me, I will continue to post that which according to my judgement is factual and the censors along with Biden can and will go to Hell!

  6. Rust and Evil never rests.

    “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”

    Lavrentiy Beria

    “Let us once and for all root out the seeds of individual ambition. Let us smash any manifestation of anti-party groupism, put an end to efforts to destroy party discipline, in whatever form these efforts manifest themselves”

    Lavrentiy Beria

    History repeats because history is mans behaviors writ large.

    Soon enough the troubles of today will be “The Good Old Days”

    Protect your family and trusted friends. They are the greatest treasures when SHTF.

  7. Where are they getting the money for this? Is it being added to Congressional laws?

  8. The State Dept , certainly is busy . I would’ve thought supporting and funding/running USAID , and NGO’s like National Endowment for Democracy and others and engaging in failed “Arab Spring” modeled foreign policy whilst overthrowing governments and causing global migrant crisis (crises?) would have been a full plate . But no , hell why not , let them go after U.S. citizen’s speaking their minds . I wonder when “peak bizarro world” will be attained . I can’t help but laugh at the brain trusts at the think tanks and what nots that get paid good money to start vast projects with half vast plans . State’s sanctions against Russia seem to be killing the E.U. and the global economy , Russia not so much . One would almost think crashing the world is the goal . Naw …never .

  9. So they are going to arrest CNN and MSNBC management for publishing and broadcasting false information on Russiagate? Locking up members of The View for Covid falsehoods?

    Thought not.

  10. Prima facie violation of the first amendment prohibition of government violating or infringing on the inalienable right of freedom of speech.

    They bloody well KNOW it too.

  11. Time to keep a loaded rifle by the door.
    And in the car.
    And on your back.

    Wonder how long before they start hauling people away?
    Wonder how much longer before we hear about it?

    Stalin would be proud.

  12. Hey, how about a new Constitutional amendment:

    1. Voice votes are no longer permitted in either the House or the Senate. All votes must be per-member, and properly recorded by name and vote entered or abstained.

    2. Where the Supreme Court of the United States strikes down a law by a 70% or better margin of its own sitting justices, the Congressional record will be consulted to determine which Members of the House of Representatives and Senate voted in favor of the bill.

    The first instance of any member’s positive vote for a stricken law will result in them being informed of same.

    The second instance will result in their official censure in the legislative body in which they sit.

    The third instance will result in the member being permanently removed from their seat and expelled from that legislative body. Further, they will then be prohibited from ever serving in any Federal, State, County, or Municipal government capacity for the rest of their lives.

  13. They will continue until they are stopped. By We, the People.
    No one is coming to save us. we have to save ourselves.

  14. AG Tiger – I have to disagree with your 70% Supreme Court trigger, if the law is found unconstitutional by 1 vote it was a bad law…

    • Certainly, a 5-4 or 6-3 vote against would rule the law unconstitutional and dead-right-there. No difference from now.

      I was setting the wording up so that only a 7-2, 8-1, or 9-0 vote would trigger one of the three strikes on every congress critter that voted to pass it on the theory that once you get to that kind of SCOTUS result, the law must have been egregiously unconstitutional to begin with, and it’s penalty time for those who voted for the stinky pile of legislation.

      It’s just a proposal, and not one that would ever get to the finish line. (Congress critters never willingly vote to restrict their own power, or to threaten the own ability to hold their seats.)

      • threaten THEIR own abilty… I can proofread my own writing, honest.

  15. Some would say, “Go dark, Commander, go dark” Just waiting for my MTT coffee.

  16. If the commissars of this cabal had an ounce of integrity, China Joe and his cabinet would be the first sent to the Gulag. Unfortunately, if they had an ounce of integrity they wouldn’t be members of the regime. in the first place.

    Tar, feathers, pitchforks…some assembly required.

  17. This “disinformation officer” ain’t be arresting jack Shiite. He, like almost ALL leftists will be a congenital coward. No…he will send paid thugs to do the dirty work. Whoever gets this job will need to be hunted down and eradicated…along with anyone named as a replacement. The ONLY language the criminals in power respect or will listen to is violence. It’s well past time we started speaking it to them… personally.

    • Everyone appointed will be revealed to have info on the Clintons…

  18. Hey Old NFO;

    I hate to say it, but sure SCOTUS will call it illegal, but Xiden and his handlers in the DOJ will ignore it and blow off the rulings and do what they want to do anyway. We are bordering on banana republic status now, the Rule of Law is pretty much toast.

  19. So, this is one more crack in the Hoover Dam, to offer a very poor comparison. Sounds good to me. No one gets out of life alive, and very few people – if any – know when their last week will be. Good sharing words with everyone here. Peace.