Well, this could get ugly…

Looks like Guam is about to get whacked by a super typhoon. Anything military that can fly or run away has… ships have evacuated north toward mainland Japan, and aircraft have gone ‘wherever’ they were directed to go.

Residents of Guam stockpiled supplies, battened down windows and abandoned wood and tin homes for emergency shelters as Super Typhoon Mawar bore down as the strongest storm to approach the U.S. Pacific territory in decades.

Full article, HERE from Navy Times.

Folks, a cat 4 super typhoon is ugly, to put it mildly, 150 mph winds, plus water, storm surge, etc. and the typhoon warning center said it could easily make cat 5, which would be 160+ mph. This is the strongest one in over 20 years!

The closest analogy would be Katrina hitting New Orleans, but Guam is an island. There is NO place to go! At least the buildings (other than the shacks) are concrete and built to withstand the forces and high enough to be above the storm surge lines.

And Mawar was over the island last night, per the JTWC.

If you know anybody out there, say a prayer for them, and don’t bother trying to call them. A text ‘might’ get through, or an email in a day or three.

Having ridden out a couple of weaker ones over the years, I don’t envy anybody out there right now… Mother Nature is showing her strength right now.


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  1. Father, please help the people of Guam through the storm.

  2. We have dear friends pastoring a church in Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines. I can’t read storm coverage to know whether Mawar will hit them or not, but the news is an icy stab in the stomach.
    Lord, save.

  3. I well remember the takeoff on a typhoon evac flight from Cubi Pt in ’78. It was a strong cross wind from the north and the P-3 slewed almost 90 deg as soon as it lifted off. We had almost 90″ of rain that month of deployment.

    May the Good Lord protect those on Guam.

  4. Ed- Amen

    Pat- Probably…

    Flugel- Agreed, not fun. We evac’ed to Iwakuni in 75.

    Randy- That it is, because there is nowhere to run to.

  5. Somewhere around 80 years ago my father rode out Halseys Typhoon aboard a destroyer. His ship was ordered to turn back to help another ship and he was smart enough to say “when we are able.” I believe 3 destroyers were lost that day.

  6. Alan- You are correct. And the Navy STILL remembers that and reminds WESTPAC ships every typhoon season.

  7. Dad was stationed in Guam at the very tail end of WWII. Well, the actual war had already ended (he claimed the end was due to Japan’s knowledge of his enlistment, lol). He was a Navy MP, often carrying a M1 Carbine (usually unloaded ala Barney Fife). He said walking by the fence line with P47 Thunderbolts on opposite side of fence made him feel good.

    Hope Guam comes out safe and sound.

  8. Good news, no major injuries or casualties! See URL and snippet of statement below:


    “After Typhoon Mawar’s passage last night, response efforts began as early as daybreak, when it was safe to do so. No major injuries or casualties were reported as a result of Mawar’s passage. Throughout the storm, and immediately after, emergency response personnel executed rescue and evacuation efforts as long as it was safe to do so.”