40 years ago, this was a view we saw more than once…

Number one in the bag, good X, heading south for Kef as the sun rose after another all night burner.

h/t Jim E for the photo


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  1. Is it true that you P-3s used to cruise at low altitudes on #2 and #3 of those upside down C-130 engines With #1 and #4 set for airstart? Just asking for a friend.

  2. Ed- LOL, it’s actually feathered in that position.

    Bill- Yes, when we were max prudent limit of endurance (PLE), and the FE was ‘always’ ready to do a quick restart!!!

    Rev- Yep, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not…LOL

  3. A friend who flew as FE on EC-121s said often they flew with one caged, sometimes two (opposite wings). This was lots of over water too. One memorable flight involved losing one after departure from Clark, continuing to Guam, an inflight fire, landing with two turning. That flight was unusual only that all of those conditions happened on one leg. Da Nang to Clark featured two inflight fires. Another friend was aircraft commander on -121s verified the above as being somewhat commonplace.

    Tough men on a mission. Jim, you earned it.

  4. An associate I met after his time in service told me of a flight he’d made. A C-130 practicing INS in the Arctic. RTB at FL210, the center section between the wings ripped off. Fuel lines severed, aircraft rolled inverted. Pilots feathered two engines while inverted and didn’t regain control until 9,000 msl.

    He told me he had only a second prior strapped into his seat after returning from the head. The suction (airflow up through the missing section) abated somewhat but the noise remained deafening.

  5. We did the 1&4 loiter shutdowns a few times, especially on Market Time patrols as they tended to go long sometimes. There was always some tension in the cockpit during restart owing to possible prop overspeed.

  6. Stretch/TxRed- No comment… LOL

    R- Yep, EC-121s were ‘interesting’ birds. And C-130s are amazingly resilient!!!

    Flugel- Oh yeah. Yellow Brick Road track was almost always good for max PLE!

  7. Keklavik…

    We pulled TDYs there standing alert with AWACS. Loved those trips- cold there, but the Navy Wimmens were warm to us Air Force types.

    Good times in my youth..

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