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The blurb-

The rules of the game were simple: one image. Fifty words.

Twenty authors met the challenge and excelled, and this volume records their efforts. Between these covers are complete stories that will take a moment to read, and ages to forget.

If your appetite is whetted, you’ll also find that images have been provided for you to practice your wordsmithing skills. So that you, too, can try the next Postcards challenge.

Go on. Write!

And some preorders from friends, both dropping on the 31st of May!

First up is Kelly Grayson with Things That Go Bump in the Night

The blurb-

Every kid has felt them, the nameless things that lurk in the dark, hiding in the shadowy corners of you bedroom as you sleep, daring you to stick out an arm and a leg, let the blankets hang off the edge of the bed, leave the closet door open… anything.

Scary movies are nothing compared to a kid’s imagination in the dead of the night when they hear a strange noise. Mostly it’s just like your parents say; it’s the wind, or a shadow cast by a toy, or the drapes blowing in the breeze.

And sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s the things that go bump in the night.

Next up is J.F. Holmes with Irregular Scout Team One: Volume 2 

The blurb-

A year has passed since the plague destroyed most of civilization around the world and the U.S. military is slowly starting to move out into a devastated country. From their bastion in the Pacific Northwest mechanized task forces take the fight for America onto the offensive.

In front of the military, deep into the wild ruins, go the Irregular Scout Teams. A mix of hardened military veterans and experienced civilians who can operate for long periods of time on their own. Checking the road, rail, and water transportation infrastructure, identifying groups of survivors for reinforcement or evacuation, running rather than fighting. The Teams have all the might of their task forces’ firepower on call but it’s better to be unheard by the infected and unseen by the lawless.

IST-1, the first team and the most experienced, is ordered to operate on their home ground of the ruined Upper Hudson Valley. Sergeant First Class Nick Agostine, the Team Leader, driven to fulfill his oath to the Constitution and his county while haunted by the memory of his dead family. His fellow NCO and Team Medic, Doc Hamilton, trying to keep everyone alive. Ahmed Yassir, a man without a country or tribe, deadly at a thousand meters with is calm shooting. Isaiah Jones, a giant of a man with a machine gun and a booming laugh, who grew up surrounded by violence. The fiery red head with the ice blue eyes, who is just as ready to take off an infected’s head with her shotgun as she is to put at teammate into their place with her sarcasm. Former Serbian soldier Sasha Zivcovic, who is a born killer living in his preferred element, war.

As the eyes and ears of Task Force Empire, it’s their job to save the lives of thousands of soldiers by providing accurate intelligence. That’s the mission, in theory, but incompetence, the fog of war and politics get in their way, putting the entire teams’ lives at risk.

This isn’t a book about the Apocalypse. It’s a book about the men and women of Irregular Scout Team One and how they lay their lives on the line for each other in the face of incredible danger. A book about how a bad decision or just plain bad luck can put yourself and the ones you love at risk. In the end, though, it’s a book about … Hope.

And last but not least, due to the success of the Haunted Library anthologies that were done to benefit our local small town library, I got this from the lady that manages the library!

Thank you for all you do for the library!

Here’s the information for the 2023 anthology to support our children’s programs
The premise is the story is about the Oil Patch between 1890-1930. It must be PG13,
5-8k words.

Will take submissions until August 30th.

The Haunted Libraries anthologies has made more than $1000 for the library and continues to make money every month.
We are so thankful!

Of note- It doesn’t limit your type of story, it could be a romance, cops vs. bad guys, oil tycoons, etc, just has to be ‘based’ on the oil patch and between 1890 and 1930.

You will not be paid for the story, it will be a donation for a good cause!

You can send your stories to me at oldnfo at gmail dot com.

Thanks in advance!!!


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