Maybe it’s time…

For some Dungaree (or BDU in this case) Liberty on San Clemente, California.

The mob of San Clemente, California teenagers who beat up three U.S. Marines on Memorial Day Weekend will be held accountable for the horrific attack, a law enforcement officer told Fox News on Tuesday. 

Off-duty Marines were enjoying time at the beach Friday when they asked a group of teenagers to stop lighting off fireworks because they were being hit with debris. The Marines were then jumped and repeatedly stomped on by a mob of up to 40 people, according to a previous Fox News report. The city’s mayor has denounced the attack with “total disgust and shock.” 

Full article, HERE from Fox News.

For those who’ve never heard the term, it was when the CO, either tacitly or openly, authorizes Sailors/Marines to go to ‘town’ on liberty in unmarked working uniforms. It’s been done more than once in a variety of locations around the world to ‘clean up’ waterfronts, bar areas, etc. and take care of local toughs/places cheating Sailors/Marines.

I’m sure there are a number of very worried COs at Camp Pendleton right now after the three Marines were beaten up by a mob of people at San Clemente beach. And listening to the Sheriff’s spokesman, I’m betting they are trying their damndest to get those people arrested BEFORE the Marines find them.

Personally, I’d say turn the Marines loose! Let them ‘educate’ those local toughs that used that 10+ to 1 odds to beat on those Marines doesn’t work when the odds are anywhere near even. I would also recommend they have ambulances on standby to haul those toughs to the hospital afterward.

And I’ll be San Clemente gets really ‘polite’ toward any Marines that come to town anytime soon.


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  1. That reminds me of an incident in 69 while I was stationed at Seymour-Johnson AFB in N.C. 2 men were beaten up in town at a party by some of the locals. When they returned to the barracks, the entire barracks emptied, went into town and took care of that problem real quick. There were no more problems after that, at least until I was honorably discharged from duty.

  2. Consequences? You want consequences? What kind of neanderthal troglodyte are you? (Mind sliding over so I can join you?)

  3. More likely the town is worried about being placed “Off Limits” and losing all the Marines spending money.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    First thought was…”This is Cali…They ain’t gonna do shit to those yuuts”…Wallocker correction is a serious option, but will the chain of command/NCO’s have the balls to do something about this or fear for their careers and “let it slide”…or am I being cynical…

  5. My parents lived in San Clemente for 30 years so I’m pretty familiar with the area and the ways the unit commanders and the base can really bring the pain to San Clemente.

    Putting the town off limits is only the start. The burger places at the south end of town will start yelling in a few days.

    The only safe bike path between OC and San Diego goes thru the base. Close it. That will piss off ALL the bike riders in OC, helping put pressure on the OC Sheriff to help find the ‘youths’.

    There are some prime surfing spots south of San Clemente the border the base. HEAVILY patrol the surfing beaches and arrest ANY surfer who strays past the base limit no matter how little.

    Patrol the inshore area and enforce the boating access limits, even for sailboats. That will piss off the Newport Beach and Dana Point sailing crowd..

    So many ways to put the screws on San Clemente even before sending out a dungaree party.

  6. The question is, does anyone in power have the gumption to do anything against the area? Set the area off limits, restrict movement on or through base, or more… kinetic means?

    Or have all base commanders been turned into eunuchs?

    • Any military commanders that are not balless have been already removed. Don’t expect any proper response from them, other than mealy mouthed bull crap. As a consequence, expect the rank’s response to get a bit pear shaped.

  7. Perhaps it’s timer for a current version of “System D” as implemented by Falkenberg’s Legion.

  8. John- Yep, immediate action gets results.

    RHT- Plenty of room!

    Ian- Agreed!

    Woody- That doesn’t seem to work stateside… sigh

    Bob- Seems the sheriff ‘found’ all the perps and they are in custody, amazing that happened within 2 days!

    Rick- That would work, IF the base had the balls to do it.

    Beans/Will- Good question…

    Mike- Ohhh, yes!!!

  9. I’m sure some CSMs are ‘suggesting’ their troops (and families) only shop in Oceanside for a while.

    Gate sentries might want to verify that all riders actually have the required permit that is still valid, *all* safety gear, etc. before allowing access. And of course, if ONE member of the group doesn’t pass the whole group needs to be sent back.. 🙂

    And Men, stay in groups of 5 or more if you go to San Clemente.

    Jim, you know just how hard they can make it if the CSM’s make some suggestions…

  10. 1965, Hanau, Germany, some our people were beaten by “security” at a downtown bar catering to American GIs. A few days later a contingent from Pioneer Kaserne destroyed the bar and inflicted considerable hurt on select German civilians. Timing could have been better as it was the first day of “German-American Friendship Week”.

    At the time Pioneer Kaserne housed a Combat Engineer and Artillery Battalions.

    For the next year or so there were very few attacks on our troops.

  11. Bummer for those yutes.

    Because the San Clemente end of the base is where the Recon Raiders Battalion are posted.
    Literally about a 4-minute drive from the north gate of the base.

    And there’s only 30,000 Marines on the base that might take an interest in proceedings as well. IOW, about 3x more cops than there all in all of Orange County, if we want various gangs to do some dick-measuring.

    Weekends could get a bit interesting on San Clemente beaches through the 4th of July if the Marines decide to do some sun bathing there in coming weeks.

    We live in hope.

    Orange County sheriffs reported finding 47 youths with dislocated shoulders, fractured arms and legs, and shattered hands and jaws, after an unspecified series of incidents on San Clemente beaches this weekend.

    The search is still on for an unknown number of teeth reportedly dislodged as well, and some 64 teeth are still reported missing and unaccounted for.

    Per all reports, nobody saw nothing.

  12. And they will do nothing except make San Clemente off limits to marines. This is not the USMC you remember so fondly.