Welp, amazingly, it seems the Orange Co. sheriff’s office in San Clemente has arrested the perps that beat up the three Marines the other day…

Nine minors were arrested Tuesday after a melee near the San Clemente Pier over Memorial Day weekend in which a group of 30 teens and young adults pummeled three off-duty Marines, according to the city’s mayor.

Orange County deputies arrested five of the juveniles — four boys and one girl — on suspicion of felony assault, said San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said the five were booked into Orange County Juvenile Hall. Duncan said four additional minors were arrested on other charges.

Full article, HERE from LA Times.

Amazing how that worked out, isn’t it???

In other news, apparently the House passed the debt limit bill last night, with much gnashing of teeth on both sides. Now we’ll see how long it takes the Senate to screw around and posture with it…

Lastly, a possible preliminary cover for the next Rimworld, currently about 70% complete.


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  1. Considering it’s Cali, and those arrested are minors. I’ll wait and see if they get more than a slap on the wrist.

  2. whelp….maybe time for a little dungaree liberty.
    you remember those sarge??

  3. Question: was the arrest to actually try to prosecute anyone, or was it more of a Protective Custody thing, to stop the Marines from dealing with this their own way?

    Just wondering

  4. I agree with you Merlin or that the Marines will ban that area from leave and it will hurt the business in the area, which the city and county will have issues with.

  5. I can speak as a retired member of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (21 yrs), that this matter has been assigned special handling, which means, they’ll have the book thrown at them.

    As to the next Rimworld – YES, hurry.

  6. Found the video at Dailymail in the UK:

    The three Marines appear to be in civilian attire while on leave. You can see them walking away from the crowd. This is important, it implies that after the confrontation about the fireworks, they’re now attempting to leave peaceably but the crowd has other ideas and is pursuing. This is the “about to turn into a mob” moment. Study it. Learn from it. When you see it, or feel the alarm bells ringing in your head, find a direction perpendicular to the motion of the mob, and move quickly in that direction. Be somewhere else.

    Back to the video… At the 5 second mark, one of the teens decides he’s going to escalate things to physical by taking a swing at the back of the Marine at the furthest back from the three. He connects. From 5 to 8 seconds, one can see the Marine turn, pause, identify his attacker, then rush and knock down his attacker.

    This is the moment things go rodeo. The crowd, seeing one of their own being attacked turns into a mob and starts physically attacking the Marine taking swings at his head, presumably knocking him down. One of the other two must have managed to reach the first, as two of them are shortly on the ground, being kicked by the mob. Not sure where the third is at this point.

    Someone (a bystander from some reports) manages to yell at the crowd to stop and ask what they’re doing, and things de-escalate at that point.

    From a legal standpoint, the kids are toast. They caused the hazard that led to the initial verbal confrontation. They pursued. They threw the first punch. They turned into a mob and repeatedly stomped two men on the ground, covering their heads from the blows.

    Orange County has a District Attorney that stood election in 2022 against a Soros-backed challenger, and the challenger lost by a huge margin (good!) so there’s less likely going to be “let the criminals off without trial” crap we’ve seen in areas that do have Soros-backed District Attorneys.

    In spite of 9 of these dinglenuts being arrested, I’d hope the Base Commander still issues multiple orders to his Marines about how they’re to interact with the San Clemente citizenry that makes it clear that this sort of thing won’t be tolerated, and that it has costs. Rick T had some excellent suggestions in his replies to yesterday’s post in regards to possible actions that could be taken.

  7. I like the cover, you talk about visiting different stations but we haven’t seen any yet. Will it be another Fargo/Hunter story or Danny/Danniella/Estrella?

    You have left some interesting situations in play on Hunter with the ‘Goons..

  8. Like magic the number of attackers dropped by 25 percent. Fireworks are against the law in San Clemente so here’s to hoping they add additional charges to the perps. Sadly the charges will be plead down and it will be time served and free to go.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, ‘multiple’ issues there!

    Rick- This one is Danny/Daniella/Estrella et al. 🙂

  10. Hurry up and finish the book so I can give you my money! I do love your Science Fiction stuff.