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Peter Nealen has a new Pallas Group book out, Frontiers of Chaos

As always, click on the cover for the Amazon link!

The blurb-

A killing in Seattle

A massacre in Northern California

A mysterious new client

In the aftermath of what appears to be a targeted killing, a mysterious billionaire approaches Pallas Group Solutions with a new job. He seems to be more interested in their intelligence gathering capability than security.

None of them are prepared for what they find.

In a whirlwind of violence and intrigue, the contractors of Pallas Group plunge into a world of human trafficking and elite capture.

And find themselves on the hunt for an underworld facilitator who’s closer than they expected.

It’s a pursuit from the Pacific Northwest to the Tri-Border Area of South America.

And as the bodies pile up, things can only get darker.

You’ll love this action thriller because it’s as fast and ferocious as a bullet! 

Alma is next, with a new book in her Familiars Generations series- Castles, Creatures, and Nights 

The blurb-

Strange things stalk the nights. Especially nights when the land remembers …

  • Christmas brings surprises both welcome and otherwise for Jude and Shoim. Can they survive the peak of baking season, or will Shoim finally end up in a pie?
  • Mike and Rich find themselves over their heads, assigned to observe delicate diplomatic negotiations in a haunted—perhaps—castle. Abyssal beasts might be easier to survive.
  • Deborah, Hiram, and Art try to prove that they are grown-up magic users. Their parents disagree.
  • How does a Hunter say what he cannot speak, mourn when tears are forbidden?
  • And more!

Jojn the next generation of mages, sorcerers, Healers, and Hunters on a wild trip through nights silent and otherwise.

And Raconteur Press has another 50 word story book out on Friday, Imagine That!

Note- The cover link takes you to the entire series…

No blurb yet, but they are damned good! You’ll enjoy this as much as the others! All based on the random picture you got for the story prompt!!!

And last but certainly NOT least, Monalisa Foster has a story in Analog, the magazine, out now!!! Her story is The Deviltree and it is EXCELLENT!

And the TOC-

And she was good enough to join us electronically yesterday on the youtube broadcast, HERE!

Go get all three, you’ll enjoy them!!!


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