Got a new eyeball…

More or less…

Cataract surgery yesterday, so no post today…

Go read the folks on the sidebar, and no, I’m not getting a parrot or playing a pirate… 😉


Got a new eyeball… — 14 Comments

  1. Glad you are recovering and hope that it turns out well.
    You can’t gave the parrot. It is pining for the fjords.
    John in Indy

  2. Thus proving that mothers are right about “You’ll shoot someone’s eye out with that thing,” even if it takes a few years. 😛

  3. Keep on eye on the prize and the other…

    Never mind.

    Heal up.

  4. I had it done last year and never sorry I did it. I chose the ‘see far’ Lense and still need reading glasses. But it was worth it.

  5. Eye, eye!

    I see the dry eye doctor on Monday, and somewhere down a not very long road I’m going to have to have cataract surgery.

    Good to hear that it’s going OK.

    I don’t know exactly how the nomenclature works, but would this mean you are now have a Mark I Mod II eyeball?

  6. Glad you are getting your peepers fixed. Next up is secondary cataract. Like looking through a dirty window. Be prepared… Life comes at you fast.

    • Congratulations, I think you’ll like the results. I’ve done both the original cataract surgery and the cleaning process for the lens after about 5 years (left eye only so far). The lens I got fixed both the nearsightedness AND the astigmatism, I now see 20/20 with the left eye that originally was barely 20/80 naturally. It is a HUGE change to be able to walk around without glasses and see things. The clean up surgery is laser based and far simpler than the cataract surgery, literally 15 minutes sitting in a chair. Now I just need to get the right one done before my ophthalmologist who is masterful (well maybe mistressful) retires she is maybe 10 years my junior so I probably have 5-10 years before I have to break in a new doctor.

  7. Happy recuperating! Mine was quick and easy, wishing even better for you!

  8. Gee, I was hoping to trade pirateisms with you on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19 Sep). Aaarrrgh!