By hook or Crook…

First it was the prohibition against moving LNG by rail, HERE

Now, it’s pulling back/cancelling oil leases in ANWR…

Joe Biden enraged environmentalists in March when he gave the go-ahead to allow the $8 billion Willow Project to drill on Arctic land. The greenies felt that Biden had betrayed a campaign promise of “no new drilling, period” on federal lands.

They needn’t have worried. Biden has never wavered from his goal of destroying the fossil fuel industry, nor has he ever deviated from his position that the U.S. will be weaned off of fossil fuels even if it costs tens of thousands of jobs and an untold amount of pain to consumers.

The Biden administration announced that it would prohibit drilling on 13 million acres of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. Furthermore, the administration is canceling all drilling leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Full article, HERE.

And OPEC’s response was predictable. Reducing the amount of oil drilled through the remainder of 2023, and we can expect spot prices to jump from the $85/bbl it was yesterday. Gas was averaging over $3.50/gal for regular unleaded and any premium was over $4.00/gal… Can you say hello $5.00/gal by Christmas? I knew you could…



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  1. But…but…but China Joe has made the economy better than it has ever been, Just ask him.

    • Oh, but it is … if by that you mean to say “the Bidens are raking in lots of money.”

      What? Do you think he cares about the hoi polloi?

  2. It is $4.09 a gallon here in Montana. It was 2.06 the last days of President Trump’s administration

  3. The people that voted Crazy Joe into office are also crazy or stupid! America has enough oil and gas to be energy independent. Bidens policies will drive America into bankruptcy! Giving billions of dollars to Ukraine and then insulting the residents of Hawaii that were burned out of their homes and lost loved ones, including children, a lousy $700 DOLLARS! What a creep and in my mind a traitor to his country.

  4. Our gas (Anchorage area) has been bouncing between $4.39 and $4.65 for several months now. There are whispers that the governor may authorize drilling on State-owned land. But even so, it’ll take a long while for that to reach the public.

  5. All- Ouch! I guess I can’t complain about Texas prices… Of course NONE of us got enough pay raises to cover ANY of these costs…

  6. Once again I must point out that Pedo Joe isn’t doing this. He’s quite happily going along with it but it’s NOT his doing. He’s the quintessential puppet. A willing one but a puppet none the less. The people responsible for nearly ALL the misery coming out of Mordor On The Potomac were not elected, are not politically accountable and for the most part totally unknown to Americans. And their number one goal is the destruction of America and Americans. Tanking the economy by ending our ability to travel, move goods and generate power is the simplest easiest way to accomplish their agenda.

  7. Please don’t forget that LNG is required in order to make nitrogen based fertilizers – you will also be seeing a follow on effect on food costs due to the increasing cost (and reduced availability) of nitrogen fertilizer.

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