Woo hoo!!!

I can haz new coffee!!!

Chicory blend from King Harv!

King Harv’s has been a ‘sponsor’ of my YouTube channel at OldNFO for a couple of years now. They ship us coffee on occasion and we are VERY thankful for that!

They actually produced a ‘Blanket Fort Blend’ for us as a joke, but enough people that listened to the YT broadcast ordered it and they now offer it to all their customers.

They are good folks, and yes, a tad expensive, but every bit of coffee we’ve received from them has been quality!

FCC notice- I paid for this coffee with my own money, for my own enjoyment!

Cataract update- Eye is doing well, and I’m headed up to OKC VA this morning for progress check!


Woo hoo!!! — 10 Comments

  1. I’m so grateful for coffee, for without it, there would be no mornings.

    Safe travels today.

  2. Not a fan. I would go to the company office in Morgan City weekly and all they had down there was chicory. Strong chicory. Served in 4 oz cups. Today there would be a HAZMAT brochure required.

  3. Just went thru my first review of Cataract surgery. All ok and keep up the medical drops and use lots of artificial tears to smooth up the lasic scars.

    First shipment of KH Chicory beans. we will see.

    Hope your surgery is healing well.

  4. All- Thanks and thanks to Ag for the link to King Harv’s. PE, sorry about that, and never hazmat…LOL Hazmat is Cafe du Monde at 0200… THAT stuff is STRONG!!!

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