Another one bites the dust…

In Portland…

And this one is a biggie!

Nike is based in Beaverton, Oregon, which is a substantial inner-ring suburb of Portland. It is the fourth-largest employer in the area and only one out of two large employers that is not a health care system.

So it was a big deal when the corporation temporarily closed its flagship store due to safety concerns. It was a huge symbolic hit to the reputation of the city and an economic hit to the neighborhood in which it was based.

And now it’s permanently closed! HERE.

Get woke, go broke… Or in Portland’s case, kowtow to the left and go broke…

Along with Seattle, SFO, Chiraq, Bal’more, DC, and Philly. And NYC is catching up due to their ‘sanctuary city’ BS, now that they are having to actually DO some support…

LA is pretty much a lost cause, between the CA gov’t initiatives, city policies, and being overrun with homeless/illegals.

I’m SO glad I’m in Tiny Town, Texas, west of the Mississippi, and well away from both coasts and the idjits in charge out there.

Oh, and on a positive note, my new eyeball is ‘looking good’ according to the eye doc that poked and prodded it and shined bright lights in it yesterday… WHY does that #@%#%# light have to be SO bright???


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  1. I’m sure part of the reason why Nike is “Done” is the ‘shop lifting is now legal’ measures imposed by city. I am surprised more stores aren’t opting out an moving in response to this.

    Good news on eyeball progress. Hope good news continues to arrive your way.

    • “I am surprised more stores aren’t opting out an moving in response to this.”

      They will. That which can not go on, will not go on.

      • Some stores in those areas have gone to online order and pick up only… I assume more will soon.

  2. I live in small town PA. east of Pittsburgh. The mayorand council in that mid-size city have just declared Pittsburgh a sanctuary city fot trans-gendered people and those seeking sex changes. I would not go into that hell hole for anything. The shootings that go on there every day and night is horrendous.

  3. Eyeball question.

    Have you gone out at night? After my LASIK surgery there were large halos around any lights. They went away after a short time. Very strange at first.

    Do you have them?

  4. When I worked at Textronics, the Nike main campus was ‘catty-courner’ from us. Their property had once belonged to Textronics btw.
    When we’d go for walks at lunch we’d often walk around their campus, they really had a nice one, spent a lot of money on it.
    As for Textronics (which really doesn’t exist anymore, the CEO broke it all up and sold it all off to line his pockets and screwed up so badly Textronics got fined a Billion dollars and lost an entire division) walking around their old campus was fascinating. They’d been there so long that there were parts that had been abandoned for so long trees had overgrown them.
    The biggest lesson I learned working there is that when a new CEO takes over and starts changing all sorts of stuff to make HIS life more convenient, not to make the company more money, you need to leave – he’s going to destroy the place because he doesn’t give two shits about the employees.

  5. “I’m SO glad I’m in Tiny Town, Texas.”

    Do you have a plan B for when Texas turns blue?

    Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, all blue cites and soon if not all ready, their voting population will be greater then the rest of the state.

    Look at what happen to my state of Minnesota. Outside of Minneapolis / St. Paul area the people are very hard working, loving family, God and Country. But there is not enough of us to counter the population of Minneapolis / St. Paul. We are fighting but it feels like a losing battle.

    • “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” Ronald Regan.

      Applies to pretty much every Red state in America. That’s why all the illegals. They get registered as blue and trucked everywhere red, is my thoughts, to turn the country blue. Because cheating is not enough.

  6. Bill Bowerman, the founder of Nike, was a decorated veteran of WWII. I doubt he’d be happy about where his company has gone.

  7. You have poked and prodded and eyeball in the same sentence. This conjures up an image that makes me somewhat uncomfortable. It’s probably a micro-trigger warning, but it’s giving me a flinch that will require 2.5 ounces of gin to eradicate.

    I wish you wouldn’t do things like this, but here we all are. So – care to join me? Like the man said, it’s five o’clock somewhere.

  8. “WHY does that #@%#%# light have to be SO bright???”

    I think that every eye exam. Glad to hear you are doing well.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments! Nike is literally hoist on their own petard, and well deserved, IMHO. And yes, Tektronixs was ‘once’ a great company… sigh…

    Re the eyeball- This was cataract surgery, and I went out last night and looked at lights (I’ve previously had lasik). Out of the ‘new’ eye, no halo!

    MJ- LOL, and I would, but the eye drops I’m on make booze contraindicated… And the last thing I want to do is fall down!

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Glad your “eyeball” is doing good, you gonna do the other one?

  11. WHY does that #@%#%# light have to be SO bright???
    Because it’s dark in there.
    After a while, there may be some additional follow-up, no
    big deal, just a “flashie thing” treatment. ‘
    These are the best eyes I’ve ever had.