Getting old sucks…

Lost another friend day before yesterday…

Granted, that is the price we pay for getting old, and a lot of us got rode hard and put up wet while we were on active duty. Not all of us made it to retirement, and we always remembered those who left us early.

But lately, it seems like we’re losing one a week or so…

Thinking back, I met Jonesy 45 years ago when I was an instructor in VP-30 and he was one of the ‘new kids’ going through the FRS. Inquisitive, hard worker, and always laughing.

After Hunt for Red October came out, we joked that we had the ‘real’ Jonesy! And it wasn’t a joke. I know some sonar techs that learned a few things from him.

He was truly one of the best analysts that I worked with over the years, multiposition qualified, and always willing to take a det, or sit down with the ‘kids’ to teach them how to do ASW.

After he retired, he continued working for the Navy, continuing teaching the ‘kids’ in trainers and as an SME for both Hawaii and Whidbey Island.

He was quite the professional, told great sea stories, had a witty and dry sense of humor, and was a friend. I saw him in Hawaii for the last time in 2016, took him to lunch, and had a great time reminiscing about people and places. His body had ‘eaten’ his lungs a few years earlier, and he’d gotten two new ones via transplant, but was starting to have some issues with the transplants. Apparently, that was what took him day before yesterday. Prayers for his wife, and the kids.

Rest in peace my friend, your ‘kids’ have the watch…


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  1. My condolences for your friend’s family and friend’s loss.

  2. My condolences to you and your friend’s family on your loss. He sounds like he was an amazing and good man.

  3. All of you have my condolences, especially Jonesy’s family.

    I was thinking about this yesterday. Many of the people I’ve known are on the dark side of the lawn today, and I concluded that it was my age. We get to a certain age, and friends and family start leaving.

  4. To absent comrades. Can’t add anything to what has already been said, but I can commiserate. A very good friend and I served in the same reserve unit for many years back in the 90’s. I was former Army, he was former Navy. My wife and I attended the Celebration of life for his wife when he lost her to cancer.

    We lived in Chico CA, he lived up the hill in Paradise. Eventually we moved to Texas, later he got burned out in the Camp fire, and we lost contact. Recently my wife stumbled across his Facebook page and I began in earnest to make contact. No response and contact info I had was all old. So I did a Google search. Found this article–

    Yeah. Sucks.

  5. To absent comrades, and those like us. Darned few of us left and getting fewer all the time. Half of the people I served with have been gone for some time, so I too feel your loss.

  6. Its not so much the “getting old” that sucks; it’s more the “getting Older” that sucks. I can still do things I did in my 50s, albeit a little slower, but I know damn well that I won’t be able to do those same things in my 70s

    • Oh, you might. I know one man that was still tearing it up in his 70s. Swing dancing was popular, and he and his wife were out dancing with the 20-something crowd. One night they were rolling in after a dance, and the phone rang at 1:00 AM. It’s a few of the swing kids, having a party at an underground club, and would he and his wife like to join them?

      He laughed and said, “Sure! We’ll get dressed and be right over.”

      And they did that.

  7. Yes, losing people sucks.

    What’s worse is when people younger than you die of old age or ‘old age’ diseases like heart attacks (one friend died at 30 from said widowmaker, with no warning signs, back in the early 2000s.) Really makes you feel the Reaper’s hand on your shoulder it does.

  8. The sheer brutal inevitability of losing those we love and value….
    It has been happening since creation, you’d think we’d be used to it by now, but it always seems “wrong”.

    My sympathy, Jim. Remember that “sure and certain hope”.


  9. Jonesy lives as long as his story is told.
    Put them down with ink and paper.

  10. Just got word a fellow track and field official and friend died last night. He and she both officials. Yeah. Hell of a aging crowd to be hangin’ with these days. Spouse of a B-52, C-141, C-130 pilot.

  11. Late to this but very sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. May he rest in peace.

  12. Patton, (like me, he was ARMY!), said something to the effect:
    “Don’t mourn. Be thankful folks like this lived.”
    We old farts still eat and produce stinky byproduct.
    And I rejoice that our generation can now criticize what is happening in our world today.
    Thanks for your memories of him Navy.