11th hour crap…


No CR, no budget, and no ‘guarantee’ of continuation of pay… except for the congresscritters…

Folks in the military can’t afford to miss paydays. There is never enough ‘extra’ money at the end of the pay period to carry one through, unless the spouse has a GOOD job. And with recruitment/reenlistments down, the last thing needed is to wonder if they will get paid.

Lawmakers are prepping plans to guarantee paychecks for troops and in case of a government shutdown next month, arguing that jeopardizing military family finances could hurt national security.

If successful, the moves would blunt some of the potential impact of shuttering of federal services by ensuring that servicemembers’ pay — including members of the Coast Guard — would continue uninterrupted. But Congress has only a week to adopt the legislation in order to head off any military paycheck problems.

Full article, HERE from Military Times.

Under Carter, there were ‘hints’ that we might not get paid, and I don’t honestly remember if we discussed not coming in to work. In 1976, I think, there was also talk of ‘unionization’ of the military due to dissatisfaction over pay and allowances. I think that is the only reason we got the pay raises we did in 79.



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  1. As a retired disabled vet I am concerned that a shutdown might stop my SS monthly payment and my Veterans dis-ability monthly payment. If anyone has the answer please let me know. I depend on those to survive.

  2. This BS has been going on since January when the Republicans took the House. The Speaker knew that the money would run out and would not allow for budget deals to be worked on.

    The plan was to get to a CR to force both the House and Senate to just pass the same exact expansive money that has us way over debt and inflation. If they worked on a budget in the 9 months they could have cut out the waste. The problem for Speaker McCarthy is he is under easy removal by the Republicans and they are likely to do it.

    I watched an video that Congressman Gaetz was on and talking about having individual funding bills vs CR. He said that his committee was working on the DOD bill but the leader left to go to a Lobbyist Fundraising instead of finishing the bill. Gaetz talked about CR vs individual funding bills and how the CR hurts us as people. Gaetz also talked that it was likely to cause the Speaker to be removed if he went with the CR.

  3. It was all kabuki theater from the start.
    The ending was always going to be …………………
    The Uni-Party wins.

  4. Oh, but the IMPORTANT stuff will be funded: $Billions to Zelensky

  5. John- I’m in the same boat… dammit…

    JG- Agreed! And they don’t care WHO gets hurt, since they are ‘immune’ for all practical purposes.

    Matt- Good point.

    Moses- Yeah, like THAT makes any sense.

  6. I am 76 and I damn tired of seeing this. Periodically I write my Congressman and others and say, “We KNOW”

  7. I remember the pay problems of the 70s. Pretty sure I remember a late paycheck at least once.

    And because congress writes their own paycheck, they have no concerns.

  8. Us people on Social Security are in the same boat as the military! I sure couldn’t miss a check without serious problems including paying the premiums on the Medicare supplement insurance. At least I have a month of grace because mine s on the fourth Wednesday.

  9. Susan- Amen!

    Linda- Agreed!

    Hammer- I’m not sure they will get it done by then…sigh

  10. The CongressCritters ALWAYS get paid…both over and under the table. Therefore they don’t give a rats ass about the consequences of their budget fiascos. Yet another reality of life that must be changed in order for the problem to actually be addressed.

    • This…. I agree with.
      People making decisions in which they pay no penalty for being wrong.
      What are you doing about that?

      Hey.., I know what being short of a $ is like. I’ve had a highly erratic income all my adult life. I know what it’s like to work for 12 months, to find out at the end of the year that the income doesn’t cover expenses. So you saddle up and do it all again.

      So yeah, I sympathise. But I also know it isn’t the end of the world. If nothing else, structure your finances so that a lean period isn’t a famine. It’s not easy, but folks do it.

      Cheers…. Peter.

  11. Politicritters always play this game, wether is’s congress or your local school board trying to get a bond election passed. Cut or withheld funding for the services that will hurt, inconvenience or frighten the most people. Of course never cut the politicritter’s or admin’s salaries.

  12. Holding the vulnerable hostage is precisely why we’ll never fix this.

    The same shit happens at County level all the time. ” Well gee, if we don’t give them everything they want, They’ll gut police, fire and EMS, and HS sports!”

    This system is broken and there’s no voting your way out of it.