Dual tier justice again???

This one kinda ‘slipped through the cracks’, as they say…

He was originally charged with criminal vehicular homicide, but ‘admitted’ he ran over the kid because he was a Republican… But not charged as a hate crime.

After the uproar, the charge was upgraded to a AA Felony for murder, with life without parole as one possibility.

Now, less than a year later,  in May, we get this…

A man who confessed to killing a teenager he falsely accused of being associated with a “Republican extremist group” got a slap-on-the-wrist prison sentence after his murder charge was downgraded to manslaughter in the high-profile North Dakota case.

Earlier this month, 42-year-old Shannon Joseph Brandt was sentenced to just five years behind bars for the Sept. 18, 2022, slaying of 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson. District Court Judge Bradley A. Cruff handed Brandt the punishment on Sept. 8 after he pleaded guilty to the reduced manslaughter charge, a Class B felony that carries a maximum punishment of 10 years in prison.

Full article, HERE.

This, to me, just proves there are two tiers of justice, one for their side, and one for our side. And guess which one gets the ‘worse’ end of the stick???

And then there is this ‘gem’ from Chuck U Schumer…

Can you say Brownshirts? I knew you could…

Anybody wanna bet on which way their ‘justice’ is going to go???




Dual tier justice again??? — 19 Comments

  1. If you ever wondered what regular loyal German citizens felt like watching their country fall under the control of the Nazi party…

    As the Palmolive ad from ’78 said: “You’re soaking in it.”

  2. In my opinion we are seeing the beginning of the end of freedom and true justice in America and World-wide. What is rising is the New World Dictatorship modeled after a combination of Communism and Fascism. As for me when they come Green shirts or brown shirts, there is no difference, it is all leading to the suppression of freedom. You will either do as they say or they will arrest you and eliminate those they wish to eliminate. As for me I will go down fighting for my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the freedom He gave me at my birth!

  3. I have to admire the sheer sincerity with which he delivers all of those lies. Like Climate Change disasters happening weekly. Like the democrats believing in building bridges. Chuckie has always been a liar, total and complete, but he’s gotten so much better at it.
    They ain’t bringing those people up to the ‘middle-class’ they’re bringing the ‘middle-class’ down to them.

  4. Can you say silver shirts? Don’t have to go overseas to find a blueprint. Good part of this is that they give you a mostly reliable target.

    • Heh. Kinda like the British Army in 1776. Big red target with a white ‘X’ in the center.

  5. All- Agreed, all they want is our ‘freedom’, but they will not take it as easily as they think they can…

  6. And yet the same party that wants ‘Greenshirts’ is the one saying anyone to the right of Hitler or Mussolini or Franco is… ‘fascist.’


    Insert obligatory “I just wanted to be left alone” discussion…

    • On your final line there: It strikes me that this is the true “tug of war” that identifies two sides in conflict for millennia: “Leave me alone” — “No!”

      • And soon the answer by the LMA people is gonna be, “Okay,” click-boom. Or some sort of thing. Hypothetically, of course, research for a novel, of course, I love my federal overseers and elitist feudal overlords, of course.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    The old Chinese phrase comes to mind “May we live in interesting times…”….And the times are getting interesting because the Donks are making their version of the “Red Guard”.

  8. Nice of them to make it easier for us to recognize TWANOC. The more things change the more. . .

  9. This is not end of freedom and rise of tyranny.

    They are attempting to create tyranny, for sure.

    What they are doing is pissing away soft power in an effort to use what they think is hard power to terrorize folks into submission.

    Forex, the nitrogen ban clearly either shows the lie of their claims of scientific rigor, or it shows the lie of their claim of AGW being important, and demonstrates that they were merely out to hurt people by restricting food supply.

    People tend to overlook degree of food stress in aftermath of WWI, that the Holodomor was known to Germans, and the Bavarian Soviet Socialist Republic when they are drawing parallels to the rise of the third reich.

    ABsence of comparable food stress, we aren’t as desperate, therefore we have the patience for a waiting strategy. Which basically means that we don’t /need/ to heed the promises of the Democrats or any other lunatics wrt to national politics. None of the crazies can give us anythign that we want through national politics.

    Even a good non-GOPe president, who fights the Demcorats, is going to be useless without us engaging more closely in state and local politics, especially when it comes to election integrity.