Curiouser and curiouser…

This whole mess in Arizona is ‘really’ strange…

Update: On Thursday, the Arizona Republic reported that Hobbs “was in Washington D.C. Wednesday for a meeting about border issues with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas following a week-long visit to Taiwan, an important Arizona trade ally. She flew back to the state Thursday to meet with President Joe Biden, who arrived Wednesday night for a visit that promoted his campaign messages.”

The report not only sought to address “an erroneous news report” from Fox News about Hobbs, which was later corrected, but sought to downplay the speculation about where Hobbs was. “Hobbs didn’t disappear,” the report claimed, also noting that Treasurer Kimberly Yee “was acting governor for less than 24 hours,” though that’s still a noteworthy 24 hours.

Apparently Hobbs is playing ‘hob’ with politics in AZ right now, or continuing it, I should say.

Between not meeting with Biden (at least openly), not filling state appointments (now 9 months later), not coordinating with the Secretary of State, since there is no LT. Governor in the Arizona executive branch, although they will supposedly elect one in 2026.

Y’all ended up with the state treasurer in charge, granted for a very short time…

Talk about putting the ‘fun’ in dysfunction…


Curiouser and curiouser… — 3 Comments

  1. As if meeting with a sock puppet like Biden would matter. Meeting his handlers or the folks they installed would be far more effective, whatever her objectives.

  2. The state treasurer is a Republican, but she said she would not make any major moves in the brief time she was in power.
    like appointing department heads.
    Lake is the true governor, regardless.

  3. TOS- Yep, but the real question is WHERE? Covertly in AZ at the McCain memorial, or in DC?

    Ed- It will be interesting to see what happens in 26, when they DO get a LT Governor.