How much history…

Will we ‘bury’ or ‘remove’ to appease those in charge?

I toured the Cathedral years ago and it was and is a fantastic structure, including the gargoyles that line the roof and the magnificant windows on display.

Washington National Cathedral on Saturday revealed four new “racial-justice themed” stained-glass windows to replace others honoring Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Full article, HERE from CNN.
There is no mention of where those windows currently are, or whether they will ever be seen again… Consigned to the dustbin of history?


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  1. My guess is that the 4 windows that were removed were destroyed to prevent re-locating them. I hope I’m wrong.

    I’m getting tired of being told what is wrong and having it replaced by others. If others want to submit a new rememberance, then let them build a new monument to that. Just leave what our parents – grandparents thought were important left alone. Our ancestor’s thoughts are just as important as others.

  2. Those windows ae most likely in the basement of the archive building gathering dust. They will be forgotten along with the history of the “War Between The States.” If America can withstand these attacks on its history they may have a chance of coming out and be shown to the public someday but I doubt that will happen. Like all of our history that the left does not appreciate. it will all be thrown into the dust bin of history.

  3. My guess is the windows were “accidentally” destroyed or “damaged beyond repair,” just like many of the statues that were removed back during the era of “fiery but mostly-peaceful protests.”

  4. How long until the ‘replacement’ windows are destroyed by the very mobs they represent?

    I’m sorry America but you’re doomed. It’s been good knowing you.

  5. I believe that they are stored, more or less safely.

    However, the decision to remove them was and is a real stain on the entire Protestant Episcopal Church, showing a lack of any moral courage at all. Not, perhaps, that I can entirely blame the Church — there were very real threats of mob action to destroy them and vandalize the Cathedral at the time, and these continue — and, of course, there is the complete inaction of civil authority to stop such crimes. That, however, should not be used as an excuse. Cowering before a mob is not a graceful position to be in.

  6. I got to say while I admire the military genius of Lee and Jackson, I doubt either were Episcopalians and wonder why their images would adorn a church.

    I agree 100% the Woke weenies new windows are just as misplaced.

    Destroying history does nothing positive.

    • A quick search shows that Robert E. Lee was an Episcopalian and a member of one of the Alexandria churches. Jackson appears to have been a Presbyterian of some stripe though that is less clear. They do seem to be odd subjects for the windows of a Cathedral. As noted elsewhere if the windows were intended to do honor to military and must be minority related there are many options. For example, The Mass 54th (of Glory movie), the Redtails in WWII, the Nisei that fought in Italy, The Code Talkers, There was a naval Mess man who took up a 50 cal AA gun and fought at Pearl Harbor, the Buffalo soldiers… it goes on and on. I do hope the originals were kept, the destruction of Art offensive to the “ruling class” is one of those things that shows the nature of that class as in the destruction of “degenerate art” by the Third Reich. As Mr. Curtiss has noted the various works in that cathedral are QUITE impressive.

  7. Yet another step in their leadership turning from a hard religion and skinsuiting it into a women’s social club.

    They’re soft, friendly, anxious, and avoiding confrontation.
    They’re so eager to be perceived as good, because they perceive themselves as good… without the moral foundation to anchor their feelings in fact.

    They’re overrun with sin, which they call social virtue.

    • Not entirely unknown in religious history. The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople had the The Emperor Justinian as Jesus in its mosaics. Gothic Cathedrals in France, Italy and England often used rich patrons’ visages for the apostles.

    • I visited a Protestant church in Austria that had windows including Bach, Josef II (legalized Protestantism), and Luther, along with Jesus, St. Peter, and others.

      A window of the Last Supper might include Judas. One of the Crucifixion often includes Roman soldiers. We need to remember the flawed, fallen people as well as the saints. Now, we can certainly discuss the whys and wherefors of particular individuals, or events and movements, I’m all for that. But at a certain point we as a society (and faith, if one believes) have to stop blowing with the winds of fashion and stand for our beliefs and doctrines.

  8. The thing is, Congress passed a law in the 1950s that made all Confederate memorials actual US memorials and thus safe from tampering and removing.

    Done for this very reason.


    And, well, considering the Episcopalians as a whole (not LSP’s parish or other likeminded people/places) are following the Church of England into the whole globo-homo-satanist cesspool, well, it figures.

    • Members of Congress are very accustomed to excluding themselves from the laws they write. As such, they also have developed a tendency to not follow the laws that DO apply to them, and then assume that they won’t be held accountable for violations of same. (The mindset is the same, and it’s not a good one.)

      The trend for them to see the Constitution (supreme law of the land, and what grants them the very powers that they abuse) as “something to get around/ignore” is beyond contemptible behaviour, and more than concerning for the citizenry.

      John Adams (Second U.S. President) stated: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” I’d say Mr. Adams was absolutely correct about this.

    • LSP is not an Episcopalian. He is an Anglican, yes. However, he is in the Diocese of Fort Worth that is part of the Anglican Church in North America which is a province, unrecognized by (Progressive) Canterbury, of orthodox Anglican traditions.

      I was in that group till I moved to South Central Texas. I have only switched affiliations because I want to attend a church in my community.

  9. Memorial windows are same-same memorial gravestones.

    Churches are built from donated funds. The people who want them, pay for them, and that includes pretties like stained-glass windows.
    There is one to my Grandfather – a veteran of both World Wars – in the Church of which he was a lifetime member and to which he contributed much. It was funded by the family and approved by the congregation. It features St. Michael as a warrior-saint.

    If it ain’t your church, it ain’t your business.

    • Jim…
      It pisses me off, no end, to have any part of the Church appease the woke idiots, but I’ve kinda come to expect it with far too many of them.

      There shall come a judgement.

  10. Doesn’t matter how much we “give up” to accomodate the insane left.
    It can NEVER be enough to satisfy them because they are by default INCAPABLE of ever being happy with anything. Thus the constant destruction they wreak on everything everywhere. Leftists are and will always be a constant problem. One of those problems for which as my grand father said “the only solution is a good funeral”.