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Raconteur Press has #12 out, Space Cowboys- Return of the Bookaroo

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The blurb-

When there are no frontiers left on Earth, humanity will head to the stars.
And the cowboys will be there, riding herd on rockets, asteroids and whatever animals make it to space with us.
Join these 10 authors as they tell the stories of life, death, justice and the struggle to survive on humanities next frontier.

It’s GOOD! And a good cause (paying starving authors)!

Our friend Larry has another MHI book out, Memoirs: Fever

The blurb-

Chloe Mendoza and her team from Monster Hunter International must seek out and destroy an ancient evil threatening Los Angeles at the height of Disco Fever.

Los Angeles: the 1970s.

Disco is king and the nightclubs are full of young, beautiful people with Saturday night fever. From the Sunset Strip to Hollywood Boulevard, a new era is dawning. But below the glitz and glamor, a darkness lurks.

Chloe Mendoza knows darkness. She is a nagualii, a half-demon created by the gods of Central and South America, a daughter of the Court of Feathers, a group of demigods who ruled Mesoamerica before the Spanish arrived.

Now, she is a member of Monster Hunter International’s latest team, based in the L.A. Basin. Business is good in the City of Angels, but soon Chloe gets a message from the Court of Feathers, warning her of a Dark Master who is building up its power in the region. Whatever it is, it brings death and carnage with it.

Time to boogie.

Rob Howell has the third book out in his Edwardsaga series- Where Now the Rider

The blurb-

“You’re going to love Edward’s adventures! It’s like Harry Bosch got crossed with Uhtred of Bebbanburgh!”
– D.J. Butler

Perhaps it is best to leave the dead buried.

Edward always pays his debts and upholds his promises, even if the rich and powerful wishes he did not. After all, no good can come from delving into an old murder.

But when he starts digging, he finds that murder is but the tip of the iceberg. Traps, pitfalls, and obstacles litter Edward’s path, and each discovery points toward another layer of a wizard’s cunning plan.

His allies can help little. His enemies haven’t forgotten his deeds. And his sword can’t strike a hidden foe. Can he find what magic and history hides before it is Edward’s neck the killer’s hands seek?

And last but not least James Totten has the second short up in his Breaching Ain’t Easy series- Easy Eights and Breaking Track

The blurb-

Recovering from battle, CPT(P) Lisa Brown gets pulled into a special project at Ft Moore leading a new company getting ready to go back to war.

The NATO assault is on a pause to consolidate the gains just outside Kiev. The Russians still have a few tricks left up their sleeves. It’s Death Before Dismount in the hellish landscape of western Ukraine.


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