Well, I’ll be…

Looks like ‘somebody’ from Loudoun Co. school board is finally being held accountable…

Former Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Superintendent Scott Ziegler was found guilty on charges related to the coverup of an infamous transgender rape case.

The Daily Wire, which broke the original 2021 story exposing Loudoun County schools for covering up the assault and targeting the victim’s father, covered the Friday conviction. Ziegler was found “guilty of using his position to retaliate against a teacher for cooperating with a grand jury investigating” the school district’s handling of sexual assault.

Full article, HERE.

Having said that, it’s really a slap on the wrist as far as punishment is concerned, but Ziegler will never be able to work for a school system again, so maybe THAT is a plus…

In other news, Gaetz et al have managed to do the impossible (thanks to the dems), and get McCarthy removed as the Speaker of the House. Article, HERE.

This now throws the House into turmoil in the middle of funding the government, with now 43 days until it runs out of money AGAIN!

The incompetence and swamp up there needs to be cleansed, and sooner rather than later! Yeah, Gaetz got his 15 minutes of ‘fame’ or ‘infamy’ depending on your views, but this was NOT the time, IMHO, to pull shit like this.

Now, this crap rolls into the Christmas season, and again puts pay for everyone EXCEPT the congresscritters at risk…

And Newsome’s appointment of the black female to replace Feinstein apparently doesn’t even LIVE in California!


Kicking the soapbox back in the corner…



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  1. I beg to differ. If not now, when?
    McCarthy broke his pledge.
    Sure he looked responsive early on.
    I posted elsewhere:
    I saw Maria Bartiromo rip Gaetz before she interviewed him.
    Minutes later, after her rant she lets him talk.
    He convinced her, it seemed to me.
    A morning talk show host mocked Gaetz, as did many others, for grandstanding, after all, nothing would happen, McCarthy would remain.
    He did not.
    Now Gaetz is portrayed as the dog that caught the car. Now what?
    No clear succession. No one wants the job.
    That is the perfect scenario. Draft someone.
    Someone who doesn’t want the job.
    Someone who will DO the job.

    And thank God for the Loudon County news. Thank you.
    May it continue.

    • Gaetz and Co voted down a CR with an 8% reduction AND money for the border. They let best become the enemy of good.

      • You are falling for McCarthy’s talking points. So what if Gaetz and Co voted down a CR with money for the border. What gives you the idea that more money for the border is going to change anything there. The Biden admin would likely use the extra money to bring in more illegals, because they sure wouldn’t use it to stop them.
        I am with Ed, if not now, then when? There would always be something brought up as a reason to not do it, like the long overdue impeachment of the entire Biden admin.

        • Wasn’t the Crazy 8’s complaint that the CR didn’t have budget cuts or money for border security?

  2. The dems are licking their chops over the split between Gaetz and McCarthy, of course they joined with Gaetz. With the impeachment inquiry likely on hold until the Speaker mess is resolved, negotiations on the debt ceiling leading to yet another continuing resolution, and the republicans penchant for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the next election what’s not to like from the dem perspective. P.S. Gaetz has lost all claims to any moral purity by aligning with the dems, giving them more leverage that they otherwise should have. I hope his 15 minutes of fame is worth selling the country down the river.

    • The Democrats will use this as a campaign issue next year as sure as the sunrise. Gaetz might have given the Democrats the majority back next year.

      • The Dems use anything the Repubs do as campaign leverage. So why not do the right thing for a change?

        Gaetz actually accomplished something against The System.
        Want to be he gets reelected by a landslide?

  3. Vacation the chair.
    Potomac Two Step
    Of course it is never the right time and they count on it.
    Needed to be done.

    • Vacating the chair, that is. Dang auto “correct”

  4. My understanding is that all McCarthy had to do was allow regular order in budgeting. In other words, debate and pass bills to fund each department of government rather than an omnibus bill. He promised he would and then he didn’t. I will, however, admit that I haven’t been following this closely because I’m disgusted with everyone on all sides and in all branches.

  5. I disagree. With the clock ticking, this is EXACTLY the time to kick McCarthy to the curb. “With friends like him, who needs enemies?”

  6. So, what happens next now that Kevin McCarthy has been ousted as the Speaker?
    Will anything meaningful change? No, things aren’t going to great! In fact I’m hard-pressed to think of one single thing that Joe Biden has done that benefits the country.
    Biden campaigned on the message that he would be Uniting the country, but the country seems more divided and more fractured since he took office!
    Meanwhile, in America, the cost of living is still up. Interest rates are through the roof. The 10 year bond yield is approaching five percent. The markets are starting to worry about the debt and government instability. Gas prices are soaring. Crime is Running Rampart in many of our communities.
    Security at the Southern Border has been an ongoing disaster, though Biden’s Presidency and barely is given coverage by the media.
    The massive spike in border crossings initially was excused by Biden allies in the media as a “Seasonal” problem. It was Seasonal all right: Open-borders Season.
    Since day one of Biden’s taking office, a historic surge of migrants has crossed the border ILLEGALLY in numbers that are the highest in decades. And the problem isn’t abating.
    During the Pandemic Americans in many places were forced to show their vaccine papers to even just go into a restaurant. The Biden administration tried to force Americans to get vaccinated or they would lose their jobs, and at the same time, the Biden administration has been letting Millions of illegal people with NO proof of vaccination—or proof of anything else—into the country
    As prices reached Sky High levels in our restaurants. Also many of these restaurants had closed.
    Biden’s sham of a withdrawal from Afghanistan was certainly one of the low, or even LOWEST points of his presidency and one of the lowest points of American foreign policy since the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War.

    The Biden administration assured the country that the withdrawal would be orderly, and that the Afghanistan government was stable upon America’s departure.
    But the Afghanistan mess wasn’t the only foreign policy debacle so far under Joey Biden. Russia launched a Major invasion of Ukraine in the days before the president’s State of the Union speech.

    And that farce also known as the former Secretary of State John Kerry, Biden’s Climate Czar, said the situation in Ukraine is worrying because Russia will be distracted from staying “on track” to fight Climate Change.

    Just another illustration of just how misguided the Biden administration’s priorities actually are.
    And now the House Republicans have gone home until next week. And the Speaker’s Chair is “Vacant.”
    Chaos is not leadership. It is also not a strategy. Biden is now hitting record-low’s on his approval ratings for a president at this point in his term. And we American are stuck with him and Giggling Kamala until 2024.

    • We American are probably stuck with Biden* and Giggling Kamala until 2024, but then again who knows? God might send a meteor to smash DC before 2024.

  7. Saw some disgusting true colors. Watched Jim Jordan rise and speak in glowing terms about McCarthy, and in equally glowing terms about
    the bills they got passed, including the one for 87,000 new IRS agents.

  8. All- Everybody is entitled to their opinions, thank you for keeping it civil! I think the biggest issue was there was NO plan if they succeeded, which they did. THAT is what ‘I’ have a problem with.

    • Now what? Now – do nothing. Absolutely nothing. No new bills, no new laws. It’s not like they were really going to get impeachment done against a Democrat. It’s not like they really hold the deep state accountable.

      The House doing nothing is a far better option than them continuing on as usual. Shut it down. Shut it all down. It’s not like the military is protecting America from invasion by 10,000 unlawful combatants per day. It’s not like the Justice Department is helping implement actual, you know, justice.

      The next bill I want to see out of the House should read, in total: “All laws passed after December 31, 1932 are hereby rescinded. All administrative regulations are hereby declared null and void. No administrative regulation may be promulgated or enforced without passage as law as laid forth in the Constitution of the United States.”

    • It’s the same plan as they had after winning the election. It was predicted to be a RED wave and they would take the house and then it was circus time with 15 votes for the Speaker position.

    • I wonder if the perception of civility is merely that I was silent.

      There is a flaw in your argument that the king’s man should be paid the king’s shilling, and that the legionare should get his salt.

      What if that pay is earned by actively doing evil? Then good men might not morally owe it to the soldier to see that the soldier is paid. It may still pragmatically make sense to continue to pay the soldier, to keep him from supporting himself by banditry, but even that fails if the chain of command is directing them as bandits against the population.

      In the case of even current day American soldiers and sailors, this is more true because of the explicit orders against following illegal orders. We are clearly warned that crimes against humanity will earn us a noose, not the continuation of honorable pay and an honorable retirement.

      It would not have been a just choice to refrain from trying to assassinate Hitler or Stalin for the sake of continuing to obtain funding for the payroll of the Waffen SS or the NKVD.

      The moral situation is not so clear cut that the question clearly falls into the same category as assassinating Hitler, but it is also not so clear cut that the question clearly falls only into the other category.

      Of what crimes can accussiations be made? Some, like tolerance for CRT and AGW, are clearly not serious enough to support this line of argument. The only two that could be sufficient are a) failure to show loyalty to the constitution by putting Democrats to the sword b) the policy ‘discussion’ around Election Related Respiratory Syndrome.

      Loyalty is to the constitution first, and it is clear that the only readings which support the Democrat theory of insurrection on January sixth are readings that would occur to a confederate supporter, sympathizer, and apologist. If Lincoln acted constitutionally in authorizing the militia to suppress an insurrection, then the president’s executive power extends to authorizing the militia to suppress insurrections. Trump was clearly President, that crowd was large enough to perhaps be militia, and he is accused of authorizing it to act. The only way that said hypothetical authorization could be improper is if a) congress or the judiciary have the power to limit appropriate uses of executive power, which does not hold for this case b) there was no insurrection. Pelosi and Biden are carrying out formalities that assume an insurrection. Therefore, support for Pelosi and Biden could be illegal activity that is disloyal to the constitution. So, are servicemen compelled by their oath to put Pelosi and Biden to the sword?

      If so, then by failing to do so, they void any moral obligation to seeing them paid. Most definitely, servicemen have ample opportunity to see these evil doers dead. The former speaker and Biden officially traveled by airplanes serviced by the armed forces, so sabotage could have easily caused a crash. Now, the sane answer is that we are going to address and resolve these disputes by other means, so that no serviceman was morally compelled to act immediately.

      However, the validity of that argument does depend on future events yet unknown.

      The second line of analysis is the novel legal and medical theories forced upon people in relation to the allegedly novel and allegedly natural coronavirus strain.

      The analysis there divides into the natural hypothesis and the artificial hypothesis. If natural, it is statistically unlikely that any such strain could have the claimed properties, and that the properties could genuinely justify such a break with previous policy, if previous policy was also correct. If artificial, it is clearly plausible biowarfare, and the decision not to go with previously settled biowarfare policy needs to be justified in some way.

      From there it quickly follows that the lockdowns may have been a crime against humanity, and also the force attempts with the vaccine may have been a crime against humanity.

      Again, we have a sane answer that does not incriminate every active serviceman in general. Some people in the American population need to be tried justly for crimes against humanity, and if guilty sent to the gallows.

      In neither case do the degrees of crimes committed apply so broadly as to make every servicemen the moral equivelant of a volunteer for the Einsatzgruppen C. Okay, so by default we still owe servicemen their pay.

      The problem here is your calculation or inference that weighs that against other factors, and concludes ‘this was NOT the time, IMHO, to pull shit like this.’

      Firstly, the politicians have effed up, and made the office of President into something that is no longer a prize, and will not be a prize again for some time.

      The communists are trying to start a civil war, and have come much too close. We are probably not going to have a stable civil peace again until some of them are killed. That is going to splash onto the hands of any good person in the office of the President for the foreseeable future. A good person thinking about that prospect is going to conclude that ‘doing the needful’ and then resigning in shame is not going to support career ambitions.

      To a conventional thinker who is a long term congressman, the speakership is clearly the more powerful, desireable and sustainable position in current circumstances. The Speaker /also/ has access to confidential information, the records of the Capitol Police, that can easily be used to destroy Biden, Pelosi, and the status quo. The difficulty there is that there is every danger of getting stuck with the presidency.

      McCarthy did release some records, but only to Tucker Carlson, who was then ‘destroyed’ to silence him. If McCarthy intended that stuff to come out, the next step would have been to release more to other journalists.

      Likewise with the failure to impeach Biden. Impeaching Biden has outcomes the Speaker cannot control, and too great a danger of becoming President, and losing that sweet sweet Speakership power and influence.

      If the Republican Speaker is too afraid of losing the Speakership to apply the same standard to Biden that the Democrats applied to Trump, then he should be removed as Speaker.

      Perhaps Gaetz should have acted earlier, but waiting to have the votes is perhaps reasonable.

      This lets the Republican leadership play hot potato with who gets to be the one stuck with impeaching Biden and becoming President.

      If the next Speaker does not act quickly, he should also be removed. Republicans in congress deserve all of the trouble that they will experience. If innocents are punished downstream of that, such as failure to pay serviceman, well, it is a sucky situation without good answers.

      If Trump had purged congress with fire and sword on January 6th, then the American population in general would not have been harmed by the continuation of lockdown policy. The American population were also innocents potentially harmed by a failure to be decisive.

  9. There’s a reason the GOP earned the name “The stupid party”.

    Democrats will circle the wagons on anyone accused od anything.
    GOP will shoot itself in the foot in their rush to pull out the cancellation gun on one of their own.

  10. “but this was NOT the time, IMHO, to pull shit like this.”
    It’s never the time to do anything, it’s always we need to wait, we need the other part of congress, we need to control the WH, Senate and House, we need……..