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First up, our own Dorothy Grant with another interesting novel- Dust of the Ocean

As always, click the cover for the Amazon link!

The blurb-

In the ruins of an ancient alien city, a half-alien slave’s act of mercy will change the course of a cold war.

When Mika saves Arkady, a wounded enemy soldier, he offers her a path to freedom. All it will take is finding a hidden artifact that may alter the course of an interstellar conflict…

But the path there will plunge their team into the depths of inhuman nightmares, battling ancient bioweapons and outwitting her former owners. It’s going to take everything they have just to survive, much less escape with their prize!

Next is another anthology from Raconteur Press- All Will Burn

It is ironic that this one is live now, considering what is happening in Israel and the stories we are hearing from there…

The blurb-

There’s a question every parent faces and dreads; what would they do to protect their children? What lengths would they go to in order to make sure their children survive? And how would they avenge them if they couldn’t?

Or All Will Burn contains stories that explore these questions through space, time, and species. Join these 11 authors as they dive into the depths a parent will go to for their children.

And last but not least, a bit of a different story from Peter Nealen, writing with Jason Anspach and Nick Cole in the Order of the Centurion series- Always Legion

The blurb-

Military contractor Dav Toron left the Legion to avoid the incompetency of its growing number of points. There’s no avoiding the chaos of his next mission.

Running protection for a House of Reason Special Aide turns into a kinetic nightmare as a corrupt local government, intergalactic rebels, and violent pirates converge to plunge a backwater edge planet into utter violence and chaos.

With his team cut off from all support, Dav falls back on his Legion training to keep those around him alive. But when he forges an alliance with a stranded Legion squad and planetary natives looking to stand up to those seeking to topple their government, an opportunity to save the small planet presents itself…if Dav and his ragged team of outnumbered and outgunned warriors can survive long enough to take it.

Best-selling author and veteran Peter Nealen teams up with Anspach and Cole and draws from his own experiences as a paramilitary contractor to deliver this thrilling tale of sacrifice, determination, and combat.

Always Legion is a stand-alone novel set in the period between Legionnaire and Galactic Outlaws.

I’ve read all three and highly recommend them!


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