My YouTube channel OLDNFO where we do the ‘Bored yet’ livestreams got attacked yesterday with at least two meat sacks and a bunch of bots.

They posted racist crap in the comments section and basically disrupted the livestream to the point that we had to end 20 minutes early because I couldn’t keep up with the blocking/reporting of the bots. After checking the YouTube info boards, etc. I ended up having to delete the entire livestream to keep us from getting in trouble with YT and possibly being banned.

If we had been monetized, I’m sure YT would have killed us on the spot.

They may have hit us because I didn’t require subscription to comment, and honestly, we are a conservative livestream with honest discussions both from us and in the chat. We also observed again yesterday that YT is blocking certain comments based on wording, so we know the YT algorithms are monitoring…


So much for trying to just have fun and give folks a place to get away from the madness, BS, etc. that is the net on any given day/time. I think we will go to subscriber only commenting (sorry folks), and have a few volunteers to monitor the chat stream to kill the bots, etc. when they pop up.

After three plus years of doing this, including being shadow banned on FB back in Dec 2010 and moving to YT, we’re now approaching 500 subscribers, so I guess it’s no surprise that we took a hit…

Honestly, I’m surprised we haven’t been swacked before now.

Anyhoo, the Dec 9 show is now deleted, so don’t bother looking for it. We’ll try again to Tuesday with the ‘fixes’ we come up with to see if we can keep ‘control’ of the chat… Which often has a life of its own, and takes off in directions that we never expect…

/rant off now back to your regularly scheduled blogging…


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  1. I saw it happen, and unfortunately like some other blogs I regularly read, subscriber commenting with moderation is the only way to keep the trolls & bots out. It’s a shame, but some people only want to see the world destroyed. “It’s fun…” not to mention they feel they are attacking “the enemy”.

  2. Another thought occurs to me. If the YouTube algorithms can censor comments in real time (saw it happening), why can’t YouTube censor the trolls & bots and keep them from ruining the discussion. Why do they leave it to the blog owners to do the policing, and if they don’t, then delete the blog, “for violating community standards.”

  3. Or November 9. Even if I missed the start, I was enjoying the livestream and chat until the bots attacked.

  4. That truly sucks. I just missed the livestream and was watching later and was hearing things like ‘no that comment didn’t come through’ and y’all were watching the screens like hawks. Definitely willing to subscribe to comment. I know you’ve thought of this, but maybe moving to an alternate platform?

  5. It looks like the bot-herder connected and asked if we interacted in the comments. As soon as it got a positive response the stream of filth started up. Many of us were trying to block and ban but Jim finally pulled the plug. I’m subscribed and I think most (if not all) of the regulars are already subscribers so even going that way isn’t a big deal to me.

    Too bad we will never find the clown that ran the attack for some wall-to-wall counseling…

  6. Oh. I am subscribed to the channel on youtube. Didn’t know if there was another hoop to jump through….

  7. Steve- That IS an interesting point… sigh

    TOS- Thanks!

    MC- Looking at ALL the options.

    Rick- I think you’re right. We chatted about that last night and there were two meat sacks involved, plus the bots.

    WSF- LOL, yeah… dammit…

  8. I just don’t bother with replying if I have to jump through hoops. I’ve tried to sign up in places and get some error or another and I just give up. Places that let me pop off ,I Like that.
    I hope you can continue.

  9. While I understand using YouBoob due to it widespread use consider moving to a different venue like Bitchute. While you may not be getting any money from YouBoob you can be sure they are making mony from your efforts. Take your efforts elsewhere and stop monetizing the censors.

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