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Friends are very prolific authors, unlike me… sigh

First up, Peter Nealen with his latest in the Pallas Group series is out- Non-State Actors

As always, click the cover for the link to the Amazon page.

The blurb-

The war came back at Pallas Group Solutions. Chris and Nick both found themselves fighting for their families’ lives.

In response, they struck back.

Now, with two major underworld figures dead, who had facilitated crimes for the People’s Republic of China, the cartels, and others, the war has entered a new phase.

There’s no going back.

There is only the fight.

As Pallas Group Solutions becomes a Non State Actor.

You’ll love this high-octane thriller because the stakes are as high as the action is intense. 

Next up, Alma T.C. Boykin has another of her Familiar Series out- Hunter and Horseman

The blurb-

Undying love or cruel obsession?

Devon County, a quiet rural corner of Pennsylvania. That is, until two brothers refuse to take “no” for an answer. Malice and magic pull Jude Tainuit, the lone Hunter, into the fray. When a tornado rips through the county, leaving pain and twisted power in its wake, the Hunter and his allies face two foes – one in the open, and one who lurks, patient and deadly. A blood-path magic worker hides in the storm, one who hunts Hunters.

Worse awaits. Aunt Martha goes to visit relatives, leaving Jude in charge of the farm … Or as in charge as his Familiar and Martha’s cat will allow.

Jude Tainuit will need all his skills, and the help of allies great and small, to face the storm when twisted power awakens the phantom Horseman.

This one has a ‘really’ interesting twist in it… 🙂

And last but certainly not least, Cedar Sanderson has a new short story out- Running into Time

The blurb-

Time travel isn’t possible. Is it?
If it was feasible, how would it work?
And what price would the world’s powers pay to have the inventor under their control?

Garry never asked to be assigned to protect the girl he really liked in his classes. He just wanted time to get to know her better.

Pol never minded being called a mad scientist. He had good reasons for being mad. His top priority was protecting his sister, no matter the cost.

Both men were about to run headlong into a surreal reality, where the only answer might be held by a little white mouse cupped gently in a woman’s hands…

Highly recommend all three of these, and not just because they’re friends!


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  1. I’ve read both Hunter and Horseman and Running into Time and loved them both. Well written with solid characters and good plots and pacing.
    I stayed up half the night to finish Hunter and Horseman. :-》

  2. Half way through Non-State, and so far it’s as good as the rest of the series. Which is pretty good.

  3. John- They are!!!

    Peter- I finished it this afternoon. There is a nice twist at the end… 😉