This could be ‘interesting’…

What if they gave a debate and nobody showed up to debate???

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the dates and locations for its 2024 presidential debates on Monday that will lead up to November’s general election which is now less than one year away — but there’s no guarantee the GOP nominee will participate after Republicans severed ties following the 2020 debates. 

Full article, HERE.

After what happened with the ‘moderators’ questionable ‘questions’ and obvious bias demonstration, the Pubs indicated without changes they would not participate. And it looks like the CPD is ignoring that.

Possibly leading to their demise…

I don’t think Xiden will debate anybody, regardless, as I don’t believe he could get through 90 minutes of actual debate without melting down…

But that’s just my opinion, FWIW…


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    The GOP should have done this sooner, when Candy Crawley went all in for Obungler in 2012 and sandbagged Mittens in the debate, that showed how deep the bias was and the GOP continued for 10 more years?
    Yeap, the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory everytime, LOL

    • It was evident in 2000, the debate between Bush and Gore, where Gore actually almost seemed… human due to the answers fed to him.

      Then there were the 2004 debate, the 2008 debate…

      And the only reason the 2016 debate was interesting was watching Trump override all the silly questions they were trying to get him with and basically used the stage as a pulpit to continue to campaign, along with assassinating Hillary with about every 4th comment or so (and the excellent guests he had brought, also. Juannita Broderick was an excellent gotcha!)

      The whole debate system, including primaries, has been rigged for over 20 years. I mean, come on, McCain doing better in the primary debates than anyone else? Yeeesh.

  2. I’m not sure Biden can stay on topic for two minutes, let alone two hours.

    The GOP appears complicit in covering for the Democrats. In years past, you would here the GOP rallying. Instead – we get crickets.

  3. The GOP should not be having any debates as Trump is way ahead and it just takes money away.

    I believe the Dems will slip somebody else in place of Biden in the DNC Convention. Most political people see Newsom, but I see Michelle Obama as Barack is the present puppet master and will want to continue. Also with Michelle they will try to keep Blacks and Suburban Moms, but I do not think it will work. I think the only way the Dems win is to cheat and I afraid we will likely go into CW2.

  4. I don’t think Biden will be the nominee of the demonrats. I think it will be either the Commie Governor of California or Michael(Michelle) Obama. This will be done to appease the radical far, far left of their party and will assure Trump of victory in Nov 2024.

  5. I’m still surprised tht they let Biden wear a radio headset during his last debate so they could just tell him how to answer.
    They didn’t even HIDE it! IT was blatant!! And the ‘committee’ let him get away with it!

    Talk about bias.

  6. Just imagine if EVERYONE on the ballot in enough states to theoretically win the election were given a nationwide forum in which to speak to America. Will NEVER HAPPEN after Ross Perot because the two worthless criminal major parties don’t want any viewed aired that they can’t control or otherwise evade/avoid/ignore. Yeah, we’re a free country. LOL

    • The citizens prefer it this way, or it wouldn’t be this way.
      Plain and simple.
      And let us be perfectly honest, there isn’t a valid 3rd party out there. Hell, the GOP barely manages to be the second party. The only political party in this country that really has all of its crap together are the Democrats. They always march in lockstep and they never eat their own.
      Until a group comes along and acts serious about being a third party and stops acting like a bunch of drunken frat boys or folks who dropped to much acid and have no relation to reality – things ain’t gonna change.

      • Low level Libertarians tend to sound reasonable, but as soon as they get within sniffing distance of the federal level they lose their minds. They sound like druggies that wandered out of a smoke filled room looking for the ‘fridge. Why?

  7. Has a debate ever changed anyone’s mind? Maybe for a really uninformed ‘unbiased’ voter but I don’t believe those really exist

  8. All- Good points, and I don’t know that it ever changed anyone’s minds… sigh

    Senior- I saw that. That is going to be an interesting AIB! Apparently low clouds, wet runway (volcanic rock), probably fast and long…

  9. Here’s an idea have a debate with NO moderators. Just a list of subjects to be debated in that debate. Also no headsets Cell-phones or any other electronic devices allowed. one 10 minute break per hour and a total of 3 hours per debate.

  10. Thoughts too preliminary to be worth saying, but different, so anyway.

    PErhaps we are realigning to GOP and GOPe and no Democrat party.

    Commission on Chinese Satrip Debates, amirite.

    Maverick and Mittens De Electo may have already been collaborating in their defeats by debate time.

    Joe Biden’s body was a hopping corpse wearing a PRC MOSS fu back in 2019.

    Also obvious in 2019, the 2018 cycle was clear evidence that the Democrats had lsot their minds, and were pulling out more and more stops. The issue was not Trump, the issue was HRC, and her inability to cope with her difficulties winning because she is an awful person who treats people horribly. She ran on ‘believe all women’, and many recall that she spent the nineties participating in dismissing her husband’s rape victims.

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