Disney continues to dig their hole deeper…

In an unsurprising development for sane Americans, another major company is admitting that woke ESG — environmental, social and governance — policies are bad for its bottom line. As it turns out, going woke does in fact correlate with going broke, and this time, it’s Disney making the uncomfortable realization that putting virtue signaling to intolerant leftists ahead of turning a profit was a mistake. 

Full article, HERE.

Between Kennedy’s killing Star Wars, and the ESG versions of Marvel movies, and the ‘new’ Disney prices at Disney World, that hole isn’t going to fill in any time soon.

It seems that attendance at the parks is ‘down’ and not ‘rebounding’ as expected after the Wuflu kerfuffle, as folks look at tightening their belts due to inflation. When you add in the prices now to go to a theater and see a movie, I can’t say I’m really surprised by any of this.

Oh, and the number of people dropping subscriptions to things like Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+ and the other streaming services aren’t helping either…


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  1. Why should I subscribe to the streaming services? The products are crap. All the products are crap!

  2. Almost everything put out by MSM, Disney, Max, and the other streamers put out products that are designed to lie to us, give woke, and generally do not entertain.

    Hollywood is not putting out shows or movies at a normal rate and most are bad and not getting better. They just take our money and under Biden we do not have. Go woke, Go Broke.

  3. Disney investors (probably): “They’ll course correct, they have to.”

    Uh huh, and Steiner will come.

  4. Until the managers of the mutual funds that hold the majority of Disney’s stock demand change nothing will happen. We need to start suing the fund managers for failing their fiduciary duty to maximize returns.

    Right now the fund managers are getting away with pursuing social justice goals instead of profits.

  5. Disney can’t exist without investors. When the investment becomes too much of a gamble, Disney will crater and some might find their investment tied up in bankruptcy. It serves them right. Disney has been a cesspool of degenerates for decades. Financing their crap is evil.

  6. “It seems that attendance at the parks is ‘down’ and not ‘rebounding’ as expected after the Wuflu kerfuffle, as folks look at tightening their belts due to inflation.”

    I don’t think that’s it. I think the Woke image Disney has wed itself to hurts; and I’ve seen several reports that at the Magic Kingdom in Florida little effort is put into picking up litter and keeping the park clean (which would make Walt spin in his grave, he was a fiend for cleanliness in the parks). No one wants to see litter everywhere when you’re spending a month’s income to take the family there for a day or 2.

  7. Emily- I can’t disagree…not at all!

    JG- Excellent points!

    Ag/McC- Yeah, right!

    Rick- Ohhh, yeah that would upset the ‘applecarts’

    Jess- Agreed!

  8. Cartoonist Michael Ramirez from July this year:

    Also, I’m waiting for news to start leaking out from Disney’s “Town Hall” meeting with all employees that was scheduled to start 13 minutes ago.

  9. Anime fan friends report enjoying the anime streaming services.

    These people like anime partly because the politicized crap in anime is not US flavor politics. Leftards who are Japanese typically do not know enough about US politics to step on toes as effectively.

    Many US media companies have burned a lot of bridges with me.

    Where Disney is concerned, I find myself only interested in rooting for injuries.

    When I was younger, I had relatively little interest in musicals played over adn over, several times in a row. I did enjoy some of the Disney TV shows with many episodes.

    It is possible that a stronger fan of the old Disney would have an interest besides a desire to see even one bastion of Democrat technocratic ambition and propaganda overthrown.

  10. Some details have come out from Disney’s “Town Hall” meeting. Deadline:

    Looks like Iger’s trying to stress the positives and “quality over quantity”. Disney’s going to have to actually start delivering on Iger’s promises to investors and consumers, and it’ll have to be soon. There’s only so long you can string people along before they give up on you completely.

    Disney’s stock is currently down from opening at $95 to $93.78 (down 1.46%).

    • And closed at $92.50 (-2.81%).

      After hours trading shows it edging lower at $92.41.

  11. All- Thanks for the updates, and yes, Ag, interesting details… The real question is, will there actually be ‘quality’ product.

  12. And over at Universal (Orlando), DIL bought 5-day tickets for the price of 2 (buy 2, get 5) DURING THANKSGIVING WEEK.

  13. Disney built a heckuva thing. About thirty years ago rumors were swirling, the poster on my daughters closet door had never been really scrutinized like the old Houston phone book. Upon closer inspection it Did have some surprises in the pictures.
    I Want the lessons to be painful for Disney. It’s fine with me if they are fatal for the company.

    If you don’t know about the Houston phone book from the sixties, the drawings of the buildings and streets are loaded with crazy stuff. Cars driving on walls, moose heads sticking out a window, all kinds of stuff to look for. I don’t think Waldo was in the picture yet.

  14. I dropped my useless Nflix sub. For goodness sake, look at this, an African American Lord in a Scottish Castle in the 17thC. Sorry, no more money for you.

    Then there’s pedo Disney.

    That crew should be hung up.