Is anybody really surprised???

Econazis are editing an administration report?

Nearly two dozen authors and contributors to the Biden administration’s landmark climate report work for left-wing environmental groups, some of which receive money from a liberal dark money network.

The Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5), published in November, projects dire climate change scenarios and emphasizes the need for large-scale economic mobilization to prevent its worst effects. Over two dozen of the report’s hundreds of listed authors and technical contributors work for environmentalist or left-of-center policy advocacy organizations, like the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Nature Conservancy.

Full article, HERE.

As usual, real science takes a back seat to agendas…



Is anybody really surprised??? — 11 Comments

  1. From a friend:
    “the thing is not the thing.”
    The issue with all the PR is SAVING THE PLANET.
    That is not the thing.
    The thing, the goal, is the revolution, or CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    And funny that it will take money to “fix the problem, and only the West will be hamstrung by the restrictions”, and China and India will be given a pass, Too much melatonin to make the cut I suppose. I suppose I am a bit cynical.

  3. “Over two dozen of the report’s hundreds of listed authors and technical contributors work for environmentalist or left-of-center policy advocacy organizations, like the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Nature Conservancy.”

    That’s not a bug, that a feature!

    I hate to see the Nature Conservancy linked to those other two groups. They do lot’s of land preservation in the US but like the NWF/WWF it just takes a few yokels on the BOD to shift the whole direction of the organisation.

    • They take land away from the people. They’re a front for the Elite Satanic parasites.

    • Point of order: These are Democrats. Democrats have been illegitimate and evil for a very long time. They have a continuity in malfeasance, as an organization and with currently active individuals, going way back.

      Pelosi, for example, was daughter of the mayor of Baltimore.

      The communists have a ‘but, but, but…’ distinction between international socialism, and national socialism, that comes down to national socialism being race oriented. The communist fetish for ascribing American political actions to Neo-Nazis is absurd. After world war two, there was no need for an America loving foreigner hating national socialist to use the symbols of the foreign NSDAP organization, because the symbols of the Democratic Party were right there, and the Democratic Party had championed both international and national socialism at the same time.

      The Democratic Party has a clear and consistent pattern of behavior, that can be traced back at least as far as 1860, and is less consistent with the behavior of other Americans, that is directly relevant to their behavior now.

      So, no, unless you were born 1840, 1830, or earlier, no, ‘your’ country did not leave you. There’s been a deep degree of messed up in place from at least 1920 on, that mass control of media protected and concealed. That mass media influence is breaking down, which is why the current heirs of technocratic madness are screwing up so visibly.

      Whether you were a kid in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s, there was still some very bad stuff going on.

      1990s on, the Clintons have hollowed out the Democratic Party, allowing the rise of Obama, who is even more of a monster.

      During every year of the last hundred years, there have been Americans quietly /not/ acting to implement the whims of the psychotic tyrants in the Democratic Party. This has not been widely publicized in the usual historical education. (Partly because recent historical education has been coopted by the Democrats, and is very carefully misleading.) Academia is bankrupt, and pretty fully complicit in the propaganda, yes. Those who refused won a series of partial victories for us.

      We can fight now, partly because we inherit the will of a long line of fighters opposed to tyranny. Their partial victories have at least set us up for some more partial victories.

      The opposition depends on curated echo chambers, propaganda, rote thinkers in lockstep, and obedience to their demands. They are actually very easily thwarted, so long as you care nothing for what others do, only for what you do.

      If you think that all is lost only now, your core problem is probably that you have not finished ridding your soul and thinking of the traces of the communist heresy. So, Greybeard, how’s your soul?

      There is certainly hope now, because there would be hope even in the case of the world satanic empire and global state cult of the endtimes.

  4. Basically, the Democrat and EU regimes are about as ethical and legitimate as Putin and Hamas.

    Where Hamas and Putin are chasing mass murder by violence, the greens are trying to pull off a soft power mass murder by constricting the food supply.

    Enviros are no more part of the same civilization as us than the enthusiastic performative murderers are.

    As we should oppose Putin and Hamas, we should also oppose the lying bureaucratic and academic idjits who are pulling this unpersuasive nonsense.

    • “about as ethical and legitimate as Putin and Hamas.”

      Bob, who are you channeling to get this sort of idiocy? Putin is as legitimate as you are likely to get in Russia. Frankly, I’m surprised that he held off reacting to that idiot in Kiev as long as he did. Probably expecting the reaction that turned up from the West. I would label Zelinski as the equal of Hamas, though. If he wasn’t doing the exact same thing as Hamas in tossing artillery rounds at the Russian enclaves, this war wouldn’t exist.

      Frankly, I think Israel was wrong to not stomp on Hamas whenever they launched something over the border. Hamas should have been destroyed long ago. Israel was not only wrong, they were stupid. However, since no actual heads inside Israel will roll over this situation, it wont get fixed like it should.

      After the Soviets fell apart, the Russians wanted to be our friends, but the Soviet lovers in the State Dept, and the Military Industrial Complex, wanted the Soviets to return. So, since then they have done all they can to replicate the sweet problem they enjoyed. Look at where that sort of idiotic thinking has gotten us now.


  6. Self-appointed “elites” who will pay no price for their failures….. the same reason that every centrally-controlled economy has failed.

    There should be consequences.. from a set of stocks in every village, to heads on pikes in the Capital square.