It’s that weekend again…


Odds and records go out the window for this one every year…

And it’s NOT in Philly this year, but up in Boston, so a major change!

I won’t get much done tomorrow…


It’s that weekend again… — 10 Comments

  1. My first year at Annapolis, Navy beat Army. It was a blessing, we got one week respite from hazing 😉

    I hope this year will be the same for the poor plebe sods and sodettes (weren’t none of the latter when I was there).

    • Watched pregame and part of 1st quarter last year, at Flight Deck Brewing – microbrewery conversion of the small arms range at former Brunswick NAS. Bought a beer forward for the next new guy.

      I worked for the Wrong Team, and we needed to meet schedule. Great beer.

      Something we can agree on.

  2. Ring-knockers at work (NAS Fallon) were wearing their Letter Jackets. Nothing I’ve ever kept up with. Wife has her 49ers-themed fingernails. That’s enough for me.

  3. The last four minutes were amazing on both teams’ parts. Still, it’s nice that Army won another one, for a change. Navy still has the most wins.

    Go Army!