We’re in the WRONG business…

When he was just 12 years old, Gabriel Feitosa, now 31, started a dog-grooming venture on the streets of Sae Paulo, Brazil — washing and trimming animals for extra money.

From there, Feitosa “fell into” his career and started working at dog shows before moving to the U.S. and opening his own shop — Gabriel Feitosa Pet Boutique — in San Diego, California, during the COVID pandemic.

But wait, there’s more! Full article, HERE.

Who knew dying animals different colors would be worth $1.3 MILLION a year?

Of course, it IS California, so more money that sense.

But still, why would you want your dog to look like a zebra?



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  1. Good for him. Pet related jobs are a growth industry while people actively decide not to have children. Because they will get pets instead and treat them like their kids. $$$

    • Pets don’t talk back, spend your money or ask for the car keys.

  2. The way things are going, they may be eating those colorful pets.

  3. I’ve seen dogs that people have dyed to look like ‘Arcanine’ which is one of the pokimon animals that looks like a dog. So kinda not surprised.

  4. Tuvela- True…and good point!

    Robert- Yep, and then what…

    John- I hadn’t, so that’s news to me.

    • When they run out of pets to eat, perhaps they could consider college administrators – though I hear those suffer from a distinct lack of taste.

    • Long pig?

      Some neighborhoods have helpfully put up “Slow Children” signs to alert us as to where the meals are easier to catch.

      OT: About 2 miles from here a woman killed and butchered her vodka-infused boyfriend. She rather proudly claimed she did a good job as she had been a butcher back in Mother Russia. Yeah, we have video cameras and motion sensors now…

  5. People with more money than sense.

    Of course, that describes several industries like:

    Hooptie cars
    Tiny Houses
    Taylor Swift
    Homeless causes
    The DNC
    The UN
    Fast Food Joints

  6. As long as they are spending their own money, why does anyone else even care.

  7. Roy is on the money.

    People somehow get the idea that “the rich” sit on big piles of gold like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin. Instead, they spend it on things they like. It’s easy to get a rich man to give you money…. Just offer him something he wants more than the money it’s going to cost him.

  8. Proof that even now with the onerous oppressive anti small business government we have it’s still possible to succeed in you are clever, hard working and persistent. But now that his person has become widely known he will draw special attention from the regulatory state. The criminals in power simply cannot stand it when the little guy succeeds.