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Just in time for Christmas!!!

First up is D.A. Brock with the third book in his alternate history Republic of Texas Navy series- Texas in the Med

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The blurb-

September, 1940…

The Battle of Britain is at its height. Every day RAF and Allied fighters rise to meet the swarms of German planes seeking to bomb Britain into submission.

In the Mediterranean, the Royal Navy, badly overstretched by the loss of the French Navy, struggles against the powerful Italian Navy to keep that vital waterway open while supporting the besieged island fortress of Malta.

To aid their ally, the Republic of Texas is sending Vice Admiral Karl von Stahlberg and the Texas Naval Expeditionary Force. Can his small force of cruisers, destroyers, and two aircraft carriers stem the rising tide of Europe’s dictators as the tyrant Pétain works to break up the Allies?

Melding actual people/history, D.A. does a great job with these books! Highly recommended!

Next is from 3 Ravens publishing is a new anthology- Tales of the Apocalypse

The blurb-

Do you have what it takes to survive when the Shit Hits The Fan?

Only those who are lucky, properly equipped, or skilled have a fighting chance to survive through those first days of chaos. And only the strong have what it takes to thrive.

Join us on a journey of alien invasions, nuclear war, zombie hordes and more, in Tales of the Apocalypse. Eleven stories of desperation, heroism, and strife sure to hook your imaginations.

With stories by Anthony H. Roberts, Al Hagan, Jon Fain, JL Curtis, William Joseph Roberts, Linda Kay Hardie, Michael Craig, David Norling, Lorraine Sharma Nelson, Sarina Dorie, and Nebula and Hugo award winner, Robert Silverberg

Are you a survivor, or just fresh meat for the grinder when the world falls apart around you?

Yes, I have a story in this one, so please give us reviews!!!

And last but not least, our local library is having ‘issues’… Part of the ceiling in the main part of the first floor sagged 2 weeks ago and has now been replace, but it’s EXPENSIVE!!!

And two more ‘sections’ are also going to have to be redone… NO, it’s not a water leak, it’s from where they removed walls and slapped up new plaster ceilings.

So, this is a bleg… go buy our little benefit anthology, please! Any money helps defray the costs and it also gives our authors a good feeling if they are helping the library! Tales of the Oil Patch

The blurb-

Stories of men and women who looked for oil under the land they call Texas.

To those who brought the ‘Black Gold’ to reality with their blood, sweat, and tears, and left their legacies for us.

Twelve authors use their imagination to bring you these stories revolving around the oil patch in Texas in the early days.


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  1. Hey Old NFO,

    I have been waiting for the 3rd installment of the “Alternate History of Texas” series, so yes I am stoked :). I will also check out the 2nd book of the suggestion…although that JL Curtis dude is kinda twitchy though, gotta keep an eye on him, LOL. And will do a perusal on the 3rd book suggestion.

    P.S. Guess where I am at….again…LOL WORK