Same old, same old… politics!

While the Biden administration focuses its time and resources attacking the state of Texas for its work to take up the duty of enforcing the U.S.-Mexico border abdicated by the federal government, the crisis continues to worsen. December saw another new record for the number of illegal immigrants encountered by border agents at more than 300,000, and the alarming number of illegal immigrants whose identities are flagged in terror databases continues to be a risk our country can’t afford. 

While Biden’s border crisis has been worsening since his first day in office, fixing it wouldn’t take much time according to National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera who sees firsthand, every day, how open-border policies enacted by Biden have created a massive draw for illegal immigrants from around the world. 

Full article, HERE.

As Cabrera says in the article, this COULD be fixed just about over night, but the current administration is choosing not to do that.

Because they believe, in their heart of hearts, all these illegals will be allowed to vote and that is 11 million, give or take, more dem voters…

So they are putting partisan goals ahead of American goals, and damn the consequences!

And there are consequences… Plenty of them… MS-13, rapes, robberies, murders, drunk drivers, etc.

But the only think they squawk about is all the illegals they are having to take care of in their ‘sanctuary cities’…

Grumble… gripe… sigh…


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  1. I know in California they all vote. Because they send them ballots. They let them register. Even if it is against the law.
    Because California doesn’t care about laws.
    I’m sure there are other states doing the same as well.

    • I received 3 voter registrations for the home I had been living in for 12 years at that time. Apparently, they were trying to register every person who had lived in/owned that home since its’ construction.

  2. All- Understood and yes, my daughters have seen the same things in NorCal at their houses.

  3. You vote your way into socialism.
    You shoot your way out.
    Say when.

    • Now might be a good time. It might even be past time. Then again, it might not. Maybe shake the magic eight ball and see?

  4. Stopping the mass flow of illegals into the country would be simple. It only takes the political will to do so. Undoing the damage already done will be MUCH harder. Start by ending ALL benefits for ALL illegals. This would motivate many of them to self deport. Then we found up the remainders. Make it policy that ANY illegal forcibly deported is forever after banned from any future chance at legal residency here and if caught here a second time they will be reexported….in a coffin, a very cheap coffin.w