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I know this is a quick turnaround, but I missed these two on the last one…

Sam Robb and Cedar collaborated on an interesting switch in story telling, with Cedar doing a drawing and Sam writing a story to accompany it- One October Night

As always, click on the cover for the Amazon link!

The blurb-

One story every night, born from a drawing. Fantasy, science fiction, mystery, this collection has it all. Come for the night and see what you find, because it’s never boring here in October.

Stories by Sam Robb, following the drawings by Cedar Sanderson.

And Cedar has her third short in the Sumire series, writing as Lilania Begley- Distress Signal

The blurb-

As Sumire reveals her secrets in an explosive climax, a young Patrolman finds that what really matters is taking him in hand and leading him towards danger. Now, he has a chance to prove himself… and find out what love really means.

Another the 20th anthology from Raconteur Press is out- Full Steam Ahead

The blurb-

“In the midst of this danger, dirt, speed, technological changes, and social upheaval comprise the heart of steampunk. The old and new were in conflict, and the outcomes were uncertain and fraught with failures, making it a rich tangle of possibilities for characters to clash and collaborate within. ” – From the introduction by Bart Kemper, answering the question Why Steam?

Steampunk is danger, adventure, and technology with a flair for the dramatic and an eye for beauty. Join these 10 authors as they explore worlds of danger, daring, romance and steam.

And although it’s not out yet, here’s the new cover for my novella… Out soon!!!


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  1. It still doesn’t say anything about Bell, or Chronicles. 🙂
    Full Steam Ahead looks like fun.