Things are getting interesting…

In Texas!

Twenty-five GOP governors issued a joint statement Thursday defending Texas’s right to defend itself amid the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border.  

The governors said the Biden administration has left America “completely vulnerable.” Instead of enforcing the law, the federal government has attacked Texas for protecting U.S. citizens from the historic surge and its deadly consequences, such as the threat of terrorists entering the U.S. and from drugs like fentanyl that are killing Americans in record numbers, according to the DEA. 

Full article, HERE.

This after Abbott basically said, F’ off to the administration, that Texas has a right to protect the sovereignty of the state from an invasion, which is exactly what is happening with 300,000 illegals crossing the southern border in December! Link HERE.

Also, CBP has chimed in, putting paid to another one of the ‘headlines’

Time after time, day after day, DPS, the troops down there, CBP personnel and the various police forces are dealing with hundreds or thousands of illegals coming across the border across the entire state, and others.

When you add in the Cartel actions on the other side of the border, it’s literally EVERYBODY against those few folks! And the MSM, by and large, refuses to cover any of that, much less talking to the folks that live/ranch/farm down there.

The NGOs seem to ‘find’ money to take care of the illegals, but the administration seems to bend over backward to make sure they get a ‘free pass’ into the US, a new cell phone, thousands of $$$ a month, and maybe a notice to report in 5-10 years for a hearing!

Hell, their ‘paperwork’ is now acceptable as ID, even as we are penalized if we don’t have the ‘new’ verified state IDs to fly… Grrr…

Kicking the soapbox back in the corner and looking for my BP meds.


Things are getting interesting… — 13 Comments

  1. The Federal Govt. could put itself into a position where it finds out that an “insurrection” doesn’t mean taking a tour of the People’s House, staying behind the velvet ropes.

  2. Interesting times indeed!
    Kentucky would join the group but we have Justin Trudeau Lite governor. The General Assembly may just send it anyway, the GOP has a super majority in both houses.

  3. The cities suffer. There aren’t enough resources to accommodate that many hungry mouths. When the pressure becomes high enough, there aren’t enough Federal officers to stop the push to repel the invaders. Not being able to speak English can become a death sentence to those that wander away into the boonies. It’s the way of anarchy, and an armed citizenry becomes more powerful than any standing army.

  4. No vacancy sign should’ve been lit up a looooooong time ago . This is a Government choreographed / sponsored / paid for operation . The Laws are on the books , this is dangerous as unknown and unverified persons are being let in unchecked and being given concierge service . Nope nope nope , gotta stop it, it’s beyond a little out of hand . Gotta crash the country (countries) to have a “Great Reset” . Yeah , no thanks , I don’t live in the E.U., didn’t go to Davos this year, and Brussels can kiss my big white redneck ass!!

    • I stopped in Brackettville, Texas two years ago to get a cup of coffee on the way to the Pecos River Bridge. The signs on the store stated in English, and Spanish, transients weren’t welcome and busses were not to stop in the city. Looking around, I only found locals, with many being Hispanic and very friendly. They had reached the point they couldn’t stop the tide, but they could stop them from stopping and staying. Traveling along the border didn’t reveal any large groups of people, and my belief is they were catching government provided transportation to the inside of the United States.

  5. LL- Excellent point!

    Gerry- It may take that…

    Jess- True, and the left doesn’t understand that!

    Boats- Agreed on all counts!

    Jess- Either that or NGOs funding busses/airfare.

  6. What scares me the most is even if Trump is elected and starts moving the illegals back across the border, the illegals that I am most afraid of, eg. terrorists, MS-13, etc., will be the ones hardest to find, if they CAN be found, and export outside the US.

  7. So far this has been a game of verbal chicken. But eventually the leftists in power will push. They have to. They can’t risk having us lowly hoi polloi not allow them to continue destroying America. They have to maintain TOTAL control over everything or risk loss of power and having to face accountability for their crime spree. They’ll let it all burn down before they risk that. The left won’t blink, they don’t give up or go away. The question is will we.

  8. It’s a Trap! The Republican Governor’s Association is allied with the Sea Island billionaires who brought oops, I mean bought us Ron DeSantis. These guys are slightly less slimy than John McCain and Mitch McTurtle but you would need pretty delicate instrumentation to measure the difference.